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  1. I have to admit Bastille were brilliant in Radio 1 stage possibly one of my highlights from the whole weekend.
  2. I must admit was very happy with the Bastille set it was great in the R1 Tent should be sub headlining main stage soon at Reading/Leeds.
  3. Still both Enter Shikari Acoustic set and Bullet secret sets were great additions defo made my weekend more busy it was only Friday I had some rest time back at the campsite.
  4. 2018 - Dirty Day Ticketer 2019 - Weekend Camping Thurs-Mon Did want to go way back but never really had anyone to go with.
  5. I think theres a big shout of a Bullet/Slipnot co headlining the heavier day if theres one.
  6. Finally got round to doing my roundup for what I thought of this years Festival. Day 1 - Friday Kawala - Great easy to listen band looked them up before the festival liked the song runaway not that bad of a band either. Charli XCX - Though I am fully not into pop music much thought she did well knew some of her songs defiantly had the energy. You Me At Six - Great set but a shame they didn't do save it for the bedroom but great to see them live. The Maine - Caught the last bit of it before Bowling For Soup must say I did quite like the last couple songs I heard. Bowling For Soup - We all knew this was going to be fun great band to see live one of my all time favourite punk rock bands and very happy they announced they will be touring with Simple Plan next year. 1975 - Like others have said prob did a great set I luckily caught the song "The City" my only song I like from them tbh Day 2 - Saturday Cassia - Went mainly for the shade also to check other stuff out found these not bad tbh liked the last song they played. Pip Blom - Very good band from what I heard their whole set. Georgia - Drummist and vocals all by herself quite liked her set aswell loved how she incoperates the synth/electronic vibes to her music. Charlotte - Went over to introducing stage mainly for Enter Shikari but oh my isn't Charlotte great liked the few songs I did managed to get to listen to should come back maybe on the festival republic stage or something. Enter Shikari (Secret but no so secret acoustic set) - Great again these guys are seen them live twice before so was very happy to see they was doing another set over the weekend. Billie Elish - Being honest here never heard of her but when I went over to Sweden a few weeks ago did see some people wearing her merchandise so I defo wanted to listen to her set well shes got a massive fan base hasn't she the Main Stage was packed for it she had great energy and stage presence still can't believe when someone told me she was 17 did quite like some of her songs. Blossoms - Mainly went to this because when I went to see UB40 some people sat next me to said they was great live and wasn't they right great set mainly towards the end where I knew some songs. Twenty One Pilots - One of the sets I was most looking forward to as I know most songs and they are a fantastic live most moving moment for me had to be Chlorine which yes is finally part of their setlist. Post Malone (Posty) - Big fan of him I am great set it was from him fire the lot missed out of him last year as was a day ticketer on the Saturday but seeing from last year compared to this year he seemed to actually sing pretty much all his songs not mime it or just don't do nothing very happy about that. Day 3 - Sunday Mayday Parade - Went to this as my mates like the band so met up with them for it great band to kick the Sunday off I found and liked their version of Mr Brightside too. Yungblud - I did stay for this set too after mayday parade I thought he was brilliant great interactions with the crowd and liked the music. Enter Shikari Main Stage Set - Fantastic again from the guys favourite moments from that set was Juggernaughts where I was in the Mosh Pit too and Live Outside. Bullet For My Valentine (Again not too much secret set) - Very happy these came to Reading Festival great setlist especially the 2 songs at the end which were Scream Aim Fire and Tears Don't Fall I really hope to see them get a Main Stage Slot for 2020. Palaye Royale - stayed in the pit tent for next few it was just too hot outside I actually thought this band was pretty good and very fun too. Fidlar - Don't know their music but they sounded great live and was great to see them doing something for netflix. Enter Shikari Pit Set - Prob the best set out of Enter Shikaris sets it had it all great energy about it, crowdsurfers the lot and even Rou and the others very up close which was lovely must say this the only band I have heard live that sound way better than studio recordings. Sundara Karma - Caught the end of it thought they was very good. Chvrches - Very good set but not as good as when I seen them live in their tour in Feburary just didn't feel the same I don't know what it was prob not many people knowing their music at all. Very gutted they left Gun out of their setlist as I love that song still was very happy to see them though. Bastille - Well I couldn't get out for foos and there was no way I was going to stand right at the very back for them so I decided to stay at Bastille. Very great setlist this was knew majority of the songs too but my favourite moment was even though most of us didn't know the song it has to be "Million Pieces" and also asking secruity to get over the barrier at the middle of Pompeii was great to get up near the stage too (Needed to get out before the crowds funnel out also meet up with some friends) To wrap it all up I know I prob have repeated things a lot It was my first time doing the weekend and camping I camped in disabled where I have made a new festival family, Friday was great even though did have rest periods and wasn't as busy as the other 2 days, Saturday was a fairly busy day seeing other bands/artists I have never even heard of, Sunday was the most packed out day for me which was great even though was very very hot. Will do another festival soon still recovering here only thing I didn't like was getting piss chucked over me which is prob part of the festival experience but hey it was fantastic thanks Reading Festival. On a side note the water was overall quite good even though there was queues for it luckily got secruity to go fill my bottle up just after I entered through which was a lifesaver do think given the popularity of these water refill stations they should install more taps to meet demand maybe they didn't think more was needed. Again fantastic weekend.
  7. I did and she was bloody brilliant tbh never heard of her but went in there for some shade and will be listening more to her.
  8. TBH Enter Shikari I much prefer their older stuff I was gutted when they changed direction first few albums are fantastic but do like the odd newer song so I am most looking forward to their pit set.
  9. I know same as me I went to see them live at Chvrches gig and they were really great gutted they not doing Reading.
  10. Yea either of them would be great more so Imagine Dragons though.
  11. I'm so looking forward to 21 pilots especially now they have added Chlorine to the setlist.
  12. Does anyone know when the next announcement is likely to be for Reading Festival?
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