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  1. The killers will be a great song along! What more can you want from a pyramid headliner?
  2. Nah Solange is doing Parklife, and no idea about Chance. Think Brockhampton were the only specified exclusive.
  3. I know this is probably the wrong place to post this, but Brockhampton are UK exclusive at Lovebox - gutted
  4. Hmm dunno, giggs is massive right now. And could definitely see them squeezing Jorja Smith in as a sub. I’m hoping we’ve got other big acts in addition to the last headliner to be announced.
  5. I agree with this, significantly bigger acts than in previous years! Really hoping for the prodigy for the final headliner. Lots of grime already on the bill so unlikely to be skeppy. Definitely a big space for an “oldies” act either headlining or taking a big slot.
  6. Dental is this legit? or does it just look it?
  7. I really hope they get foals. I agree, I thought Kano (although I really like him) was a weak sub last year. I was hoping for Biffy, although potentially too big, considering they’ve got Florence already this year.
  8. Christine and the Queens aren’t big enough to sub. If they ain’t subbing parklife, they’re not subbing the pyramid.
  9. Yeah they have. But catfish played twice in two years...
  10. Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but it won’t be royal blood as they are uk exclusive to reading and Leeds
  11. That would be nice 😂
  12. Change of Instagram and FB profile picture of any relevance do we think? Some ransom person commented on the Instagram post that there would be an announcement on Tuesday.
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