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  1. Line N2 Cibeles- Valdebebas (stop Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas): Weekdasy 11:55pm – 05:10am. Saturdays 11:45pm – 7:00am. Is that only one way? Is there no way to get back into the city centre bar taxi or uber?
  2. Was uber cheaper than regular taxi?
  3. Was the transport info announced? Does anyone know where the festival shuttle buses are leaving from?
  4. Code not working. Anyone got another one please?
  5. Did someone pull out? I was away for a few weeks and haven't noticed a drop out.
  6. Yeah I was trying to buy the full price ticket but it won't allow me get to checkout phase and doesn't redirect me. Its says - Oops! You just missed it. 3 Day Ticket: Item is not available.
  7. Official site, but it won't let me get to checkout stage to purchase. Ticketmaster over Festickets, or does it matter?
  8. Ah cool, thanks. I will purchase there so.
  9. Trying to buy a ticket there but says three day tickets sold out??
  10. Makes sense. Pay day isn't until tomorrow so I might have to pass up on this anyway.
  11. What does a Welcome Party invite entail?
  12. Do you think that is relating to the wait time for another announcement or ticket sales might be over soon? Still haven't bought my ticket yet.
  13. We have 'Ok Hostel' booked in city center as it has €3 all you can eat breakfast and a €10 dinner with open bar. Seems ridiculously good and perfect to hit up before we go into the festival each day. Might switch to an apartment with a pool so we have best of both worlds.
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