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    Was looking into this as the line up caught my eye. How did you get to the festival? It seems you fly to Berlin and get train for two and a half hours and then use a festival shuttle? We're trying to weigh up a new festival next year and this looks good. Anything else I should know? I take it you can bring your own alcohol into the campsite yeah? Is drink cheap inside the festival?
  2. Colouring Book

    Open'er 2019

    Thanks for that info. I think I'll go with NOS Alive. The camping looks good, cheap drink and you have Lisbon to fall back on. I'll keep an eye on this line up anyway.
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    Rock Werchter 2019

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  4. Colouring Book

    Open'er 2019

    I just had a look at recent line ups for this and looks good. Cheap too for ticket + camping? Has anyone been? I have read last year's thread but didn't glean too much from it. How would it compare to Rock Werchter? I've gone to RW a few times and looking to change this year with NOS Alive or Mad Cool Festival being the front runners for me.