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  1. Glad I’m getting my money back, I thought they would have something a bit more special. Considering the festival promoter keeps banging on about how he has managed tours for some amazing artists. You never know though, there may be a few surprises over the next month or 2.
  2. You motherfucking baller 😎. Have a good one
  3. Unfortunately i’ll Be getting my money back. The site is the reason I was drawn to go to this festival.
  4. Saw him headline Bestival a few years back. He was bloody brilliant, also the drugs helped
  5. Still taking people’s money when they don’t have the permits to host the festival. Every day that the Music Music Festival has more complicated to settle in the fields of Escalarre, since the second report that the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) has to send to the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro has not yet been completed, as declared to This newspaper sources the second entity. The ACA issued a first negative report for the celebration of the festival because it took place in flood zones and "given the vulnerability of people's safety in the face of possible avenues derived from its location." To that report the promoter of concerts Doctor Music, organizer of the festival, presented allegations, which are the ones that would be currently being evaluated in the ACA in order to send a final report. Sources of the Department of Territory and Sustainability, which is the one who has assumed the issue given its impact, declined to do and referred to an official statement that will be issued "when a decision has been made." The issue is that time passes, and with four months to go before the festival on July 11, 12, 13 and 14, it still does not have the necessary permits, which the ACA itself collected in its first report, is to say, the risks of flooding of the zone, sheltering in some laws and hydrographic norms that did not exist when the festival made its first editions in the fields of the Guingueta, Esterri d'Àneu and Escalarre, 24 years ago. The pessimism about the celebration of the festival is palpable in the area, as indicated by the mayor of Esterri D'Aneu, one of the towns that contributes more land to the festival, Josep Antoni Cervós: "At this moment the information is uncertain and we will know Something in the coming days At the moment, I can bring forward the outrage in the territory in the absence of collaboration from the administration, which has not helped in the processing of permits. " The main burden of the festival is the aforementioned danger of flooding areas, catastrophic if they occur in an area that expects the presence of thousands of attendees. In this sense, Cervós said: "I know that in their allegations the festival raised the relocation of services, since the area of celebration is huge, but I do not know if these variations will be considered sufficient by the ACA." Asked if these allegations the transfer of the festival to another nearby non-flooding area was contemplated, the mayor said no, and Joan Vázquez, president of the IPCENA environmental association, said: "The Hydrographic Confederation will resolve based on the report's meaning. ACA, and given the characteristics of the area, its margin of maneuver to accept the allegations of the promoters of the festival are minimal ". Vázquez accused the promoter of the festival of "arrogance", since "he began selling tickets before having the necessary permits, perhaps trusting that the economic impact in the area would open doors." In the hypothetical case that the ACA varied its opinion to the allegations of Doctor Music and later the Hydrographic Conference of the Ebro endorsed this variation allowing the celebration of the festival, Vázquez reserved the right to undertake all kinds of protest actions to prevent its conclusion . Thus, and in the case more than likely that the reports are negative, the festival is opened two options, cancellation or transfer to another area. This last one seems the most feasible, since Doctor Music has been confirming the performance of new artists, and it would be suicidal to do so without having a new location, probably close to Barcelona. Among the venues that could be considered is the Montmeló circuit.
  6. 5 weeks since the last announcement. I would of thought they would of dropped the full line up by now considering it’s been so long since the last one. It’s either not happening or there massively unprepared. Hope i’m wrong 🤞🏻
  7. It certainly seems to be the case. I’ve got my tickets but still not booked flights or campervan due to the lack of information updates regarding this festival. 2 years ago they announced it and they still they don’t have all there headliners. I heard some guy called Billy is running it
  8. Who knows? there not saying much at all. Hard to tell whether that’s a good or bad thing.
  9. Another week gone by. I’m bored of this now
  10. So... no more news as to whether this festival has been moved or who is performing. Surely they have a lot more to add. Come on give me something, I hate the waiting game. RIP Keith Flint
  11. Any one have any news on what is happening with this festival
  12. The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) has presented a resolution proposal that denies, for now, the permission for the celebration of the Doctor Music Festival, scheduled from July 11 to 14, in an area between Escalarre, Guingueta d'Àneu and Esterri d'Àneu (Lleida), due to flood risk. As reported by the Department of Territory to Efe, the report considers that the esplanade chosen to celebrate the festival is in danger of flooding and that, therefore, the organization of the festival now has a period of 10 days to send a new proposal. Territory highlights that the area where the festival is planned to develop is an area of influence of the Noguera Pallaresa River and four other tributaries. Also, the stages, tents and camping areas and parking are located near the river, a space in which "you should avoid the accumulation of people" and the same happens in the planned location for the bars and tents, near the river Unarre. If a new proposal has not been sent in ten days, the report will be sent to the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE), who will determine the viability of the festival. Since the festival they have assured that they will present the necessary allegations so that, finally, the event can be celebrated that already has the confirmation of international artists such as Rosalia or The Chemical Brothers. For their part, the ecologists of Ipcena have celebrated this Friday the emission of the report of the ACA and hope that, after the pertinent studies, the permission to carry out the festival is denied.
  13. No, just ticketsso not too bad. Was gonna book a camper van also. Only good thing is that i’ll get my money back 🤞🏻If it doesn’t happen.
  14. See people telling me to stop being impatient. Then this news comes out 🤬
  15. I am looking forward to seeing them. Listend to them a few times on Spotify, they sound good. I’ve heard there better live so having 3 chances to see them is cool as well as getting to hear born slippy. Fuck it, it’s gonna be the dogs. Roll on July
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