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  1. Another week gone by. I’m bored of this now
  2. So... no more news as to whether this festival has been moved or who is performing. Surely they have a lot more to add. Come on give me something, I hate the waiting game. RIP Keith Flint
  3. Any one have any news on what is happening with this festival
  4. The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) has presented a resolution proposal that denies, for now, the permission for the celebration of the Doctor Music Festival, scheduled from July 11 to 14, in an area between Escalarre, Guingueta d'Àneu and Esterri d'Àneu (Lleida), due to flood risk. As reported by the Department of Territory to Efe, the report considers that the esplanade chosen to celebrate the festival is in danger of flooding and that, therefore, the organization of the festival now has a period of 10 days to send a new proposal. Territory highlights that the area where the festival is planned to develop is an area of influence of the Noguera Pallaresa River and four other tributaries. Also, the stages, tents and camping areas and parking are located near the river, a space in which "you should avoid the accumulation of people" and the same happens in the planned location for the bars and tents, near the river Unarre. If a new proposal has not been sent in ten days, the report will be sent to the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE), who will determine the viability of the festival. Since the festival they have assured that they will present the necessary allegations so that, finally, the event can be celebrated that already has the confirmation of international artists such as Rosalia or The Chemical Brothers. For their part, the ecologists of Ipcena have celebrated this Friday the emission of the report of the ACA and hope that, after the pertinent studies, the permission to carry out the festival is denied.
  5. No, just ticketsso not too bad. Was gonna book a camper van also. Only good thing is that i’ll get my money back 🤞🏻If it doesn’t happen.
  6. See people telling me to stop being impatient. Then this news comes out 🤬
  7. I am looking forward to seeing them. Listend to them a few times on Spotify, they sound good. I’ve heard there better live so having 3 chances to see them is cool as well as getting to hear born slippy. Fuck it, it’s gonna be the dogs. Roll on July
  8. I know I’m proper impatient, just want to get things planned. No doubt they will pull something big out the bag. They’ve got a few that I want to see, but I’m gutted the likes of Ashcroft and Tash Sultana aren’t on there. I was gonna go mad cool but swapped for this instead. Hoping I haven’t made the wrong choice
  9. How do I get a refund this is a joke. Every other festival seems to be releasing names.
  10. Can we have a big name or 2 this week PLEASE!!!
  11. Starting to get the feeling that I should of bought tickets for this instead of doctor music. Much better line up so far
  12. Just had a listen to them on Spotify. Sound good. They better be coming out with some bigger names though. This trip is not worth the couple of g it’s gonna cost with the names so far
  13. Sorry that was supposed to be for Doctor Music
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