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  1. I’ve been three times now. First in a tent in VIP camping, second in the Flexotel and last year in a hotel in the city. Every year it has been an improvement, both in accommodation and the infrastructure of the festival itself. If I was in a group and was drunk enough then camping wouldn’t be so bad despite being flooded on the final day. The Flexotel was the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. My hotel last year couldn’t have been better and wasn’t much more expensive. The main issue with staying on the island for me is that it gets so hot and dusty in the morning/early afternoon before any music starts and contrary to what most people say I felt as though by day 7 there wasn’t really much extra to do, even the circus acts etc don’t start until fairly late in the day. Although, saying this - Sziget is definitely one of my favourite European festivals and I’ve been to quite a few now.
  2. One of the clues is 89 x 0. The lead singer from The 1975 was born in 1989.
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