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  1. Make drainage? Did you see the amount of rain on Saturday get a grip mate. There was plenty of food options for about £8 which is average for a festival. Clearly haven’t been to T or Leeds if you think that’s a lot of obnoxious arseholes
  2. So you’re trying to tell me that you went chasing away fans around old Trafford yet went to festivals and didn’t act like an arsehole? Hard to believe. I get that a lot of them are dickheads and don’t have respect but at the same time the a lot of them do. Think people should be focusing on the parents walking about with their kids out their trolley gurning tbh. And as for my pals, pretty much the same reason you don’t stay at home and watch recordings of Glastonbury etc. It’s about the atmosphere. End of the day it’s their money and don’t think anyone else should care. All in all I agree with you that some kids are arseholes but like I’ve said I find it a bit hypocritical
  3. It does tend to be younger people I agree but at the end of the day it’s always been like that and I just get the feeling that the majority of the people complaining, were once that age and out their tits at festivals and are just choosing to forget that. I agree that some of them aren’t there for the music and it can be annoying but at the end of the day they’ve paid for it and can sit and talk through a gig all they want for I care. Some of my pals only left campsite 2/3 times and had best weekend of their lives.
  4. Love it how you everyone complains about young people being drunk and being dicks. When I’m reality there’s just as many older knobheads. Fact is that in the 70’s 80’s it was just as bad and everyone was on more than they are now. It’s just everyone else has aged and loves to have a moan
  5. The snuts- only given half an hour which is a crime doves Nile rodgers Thought orbital were great to start the festival
  6. I thought courteeners were excellent and same with most people I talked to
  7. Foals are most likely going to be headlining Glastonbury next year. How are they not big enough?
  8. One of the highlights for me was incredible, fuck all wee bams there aswell made it much better
  9. Got to see- the snuts courteeners doves Don broco manics pigeon detectives Miles kane The k’s rascalton What time does main stage usually finish? And what time is glow tent on till
  10. Tbh the saturday lineup is filled with some of the most popular bands around. Catfish, dma’s, RA. And then bands that are gathering a lot of momentum like the snuts and the dunts. Aswell as Sam fender . The Sunday undercard is decent in comparison to Leeds but can’t see many people at main stage after 4pm. The Friday isn’t for me however, stormzy is one of the biggest artists in the uk, Gerry is one of the hottest in Scotland. And others like anime/aj Tracey are also pretty big. Think people rightly said the headliners were weak, but there really wasn’t much else about and people overreacted.
  11. The way I see it is, this is more for younger audience 16-25 year old. Whereas the ss bookings- the cure etc are aimed at an older audience. I’m sure they could’ve had the cure on a day with Gerry cinnamon and dma’s but then you’d have people complaining about wee bams ruining it for you.
  12. It won’t though cos it will sell pretty well particularly the Saturday
  13. As has been said, T isn’t happening and has been replaced. Get over it. Although this announcement is disappointing, they have catered for every type of music through this and the many summer sessions gigs. There really aren’t many other options this summer pal
  14. Post malone kasabian courteeners
  15. Saturdays pretty decent and Sunday is ok but will most likely fall asleep mid afternoon
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