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  1. so my personal experience - everyone was all about Reading when I was going to my first festival (age 15/16 - GCSE results year), did that 2-3 times, really fit my grunger music tastes at the time. Ended up then going to Download a couple of times - before eventually getting more into dnb/techno/electronic around age 18. Missed a year or two of full weekend festivals but then did Bestival a couple times, and about 7 years of Boomtown since 2012. Always knew of Glasto but my tastes were always a bit niche, and although I always wanted to do it I thought I would wait til I was a bit ol
  2. yeah I heard race day referred to as the 'victory lap' after you've already done all the hard work in training which I quite like I thought a half was my limit as well tbh - just sign up to a full marathon, tell all your mates you're doing one, and you're stuck doing it then!
  3. I'd say option 2, hopefully when it comes down to it she cant be arsed faffing about picking you up
  4. never taken on any proper food on a long run just a multitude of gels - might give it a go on my next long run @gigpusher honey on toast duly noted! (I don't need much excuse to eat more of that / don't threaten me with a good time)
  5. carb loading is probably the easiest part for me!
  6. furthest in the plan before the day is 21 miles - so saving the last 5.2 for the day!
  7. this! struggled through my longest ever run in the storm yday, lots of flooded routes, trees blocking the path, bits of debris smashing me in the face! but got 17 miles in - 2hrs28mins - I am absolutely BROKEN today though, nearly gave up on my walk to work halfway if I wasn't so tight I would have booked an uber..
  8. Yeah I was unsure due to the cost but I watched a speeded up ridethrough the course yday and looks really nice so going to get that booked in today
  9. I'm still convinced the rumour I heard was true and they're booked
  10. insane / chaotic but fun! imagine not knowing until you get in and get a lanyard!
  11. just got confirmation of successful ballot entry to the Royal Parks Half in October! expensive at £59 but looks like a nice one, didn't get in last year so all the better!
  12. cheers sons crying, nice one
  13. the time lapse video of them building one of the new hospitals is mad even just from an engineering standpoint, look at those cranes go!
  14. 9 miles steady last night, 6 miles fartlek tonight
  15. jheeeez im seriously considering a boomtown jaunt again this year now - loads of rave for me there + The Libs + The Bronx would do it for me
  16. grilladelphia


    yeah in fairness up close it worked well with the crane, I wonder what they could do to improve it across the field.. some small structures that are actually just disguised rigs facing back in towards the crane? I don't really know anything about speakers / sound design tbh
  17. grilladelphia


    yeah I still remember them being loud at the spider (first time I saw was at Boomtown 2012) - but maybe it was just the positioning of the speakers across the spider masking the fire noise a bit?
  18. grilladelphia


    was watching some glasto videos from my phone last night, and while I will say its impressive, the sound was rubbish in places, all you can hear is those fire shooting tree things going off
  19. watched a couple of videos on it last night, im sold! I've gone for just a normal entry as its my first marathon and I didn't fancy the pressure of fundraising on top of actually trying to complete it but will definitely be looking to complete some charity races next year!
  20. ive started praying to the weather gods already
  21. bloody loved it up there! saw a good chunk of the Hospitality takeover there as well as Ulterior Motive on Thursday, and Sub Focus x Dimension on the sat - cant recommend it enough!
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