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  1. seems like a pretty cool guy to me?
  2. just had my newsletter for construction enquirer through today - "The MIPIM property show has been postponed due to concerns over coronavirus. - Property show postponed from March to June" so maybe they think this will all have blown over by June?
  3. I know carl cox has self confirmed but heard about an interesting b2b he's doing on arcadia!... still embargoed currently tho
  4. @Greenelk wow that is real bad luck man sorry to hear that! one of my training pals for Brighton got attacked by a dog on his run yday and got a couple of nasty puncture wounds in his thigh! the other has broken his ankle recently - might end up just me on the starting line!
  5. could be like the Tokyo marathon where they only let about 150 of the elites race and cancelled everyone else
  6. yeah definitely worth taking it slow, ive felt on the edge of injury a few times but just about managed to get away with it - and not as much as I should! just a few random sets at home once a week, actually thinking about stepping this up for the second half of the training plan
  7. this was also my thought - but also came to the conclusion they're booked elsewhere, im still holding out hope otherwise im going to have to go further afield to see them as I cant make reading/leeds
  8. this is what I'd heard that they were trying to get ratm for a secret set on truth stage - a man can dream!!
  9. I know only the second time I've done 20 miles and last time it absolutely slaughtered me! Got about 7 weeks until race day now, I think as long as I get all my long runs in ill be alright on there day. im sure youll bounce back - how far into your training are you?
  10. ah amazing ill have to make sure I get involved with that!
  11. would love a run around the site but definitely not over the festival weekend, don't they do a 10k race around there at some point out of festival time? smashed out a little 8 miler steady last night at 4:45 per km and got a fartlek session this eve which im not really looking forward to! - rest day Friday, park run Saturday and 20 miler on sunday!
  12. That article brought me to a brilliant photo:
  13. out of upvotes but I like the way you think
  14. starting to get a bit close to home! US oil company Chevron has said it is closing its London office in Canary Wharf over coronavirus fears and has asked staff to work from home for the time being. Some 300 traders and staff have been sent home, according to reports, after two people returned from holidays in affected areas and displayed symptoms. A spokeswoman for Chevron told (rag newspaper)We] continue to monitor the situation very closely, utilizing the guidance of international and local health authorities. "Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employee
  15. just seen this on bbc - hopefully they don't see this thread! Iran arrests 24 for 'spreading rumours' Iranian police have arrested 24 people accused of spreading rumours about the coronavirus online, AFP news agency reports. A further 118 internet users were "talked to and let go" with warnings, the head of Iran's cyberpolice force Vahid Majid said. A special unit has been created to combat "rumour-mongers" about the spread of coronavirus, Mr Majid said.
  16. ahahah exactly this - they wait til breaking point then release it
  17. yeah all sorted in the main sale thankfully - I did my first half marathon about a month before glasto last year and the extra leg strength was a godsend on the farm!
  18. yeah the furthest I got before my first half last year was 18km, the last 3km on the day will be a breeze!
  19. I do like the idea of them keeping tabs on this thread to see how ravenous everyone is getting - and seeing who will be the correct guesser!
  20. that's when they hit you with the poster, when you least expect it........ 7pm??? x
  21. really worth giving them a go, but the price is nuts without discount I think I found a 20% off code for mine which helped they were about £191
  22. yeah its a good shout - about £100 cheaper as well.. going to keep an eye on the sales as well and see whats what, would love the vaporflys to come down to under £200 as they're just an absolute pleasure to run in
  23. oh nightmare - they may have an option to defer your place so its not a total waste? worth asking for sure
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