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  1. The sling is a brilliant idea. I did think that he would possibly spend most of the time sleeping in which case he should be pretty happy doing whatever we’re doing. I will hopefully be breast feeding so eating shouldn’t be an issue! We just need to work out the best eco friendly way to manage this shitting lol.
  2. Thank you. The surroundings shouldn’t be too much of an issue for us personally, but I’m a doctor myself and appreciate I can’t predict the babies behaviour and as awful as it is to say, his health. We will definitely play it by ear. I think the worst case scenario in that everything is going wrong, we can just go home. I guess we aren’t trapped there for the weekend! They do say that you’re closer to health care providers in Glastonbury than you would likely be down at your local park!
  3. Thank you this is all amazing advice. The Kidz field sounds like a dream! I’m excited to see areas of the festival I’ve never seen before!
  4. We will be getting a hardy buggy for sure. Did you have any issues queueing to get in? I’d imagine when they are so young they just sleep and it doesn’t bother them too much.
  5. I think we will be tenting, have considered renting a camper van though but not sure it will add much. We have a lot of family who want to help carry our things. They would go Tuesday night to get in early and set up in the family field and we would possibly bring the baby later, maybe on the Thursday when the queues wouldn’t be so big. We are a pretty “hardy” couple, weve camped and traveled a lot, I’ve done wild living for a while, so roughing it doesn’t phase us. We (possibly naively?!) want to continue our adventures with the little one in tow! I’ve just read a very encouraging blog from a couple who took a 8 week old, I could link it here if useful for anyone else. Admittedly it won’t be the same festival experience we’re used to, but I think it will be brilliant in a different way.
  6. Hi! Ive been lucky enough to get Glastonbury tickets this year but am due to have my baby in March. Has anyone ever been to Glastonbury with a baby this young (he will be 3 months)?! He will be my first child so I’m possibly slightly naive to the effort that will be required! We will be taking him regardless but any tips / advice / things you wish you’d have known will be much appreciated! There is a huge group of us going, including my partner, parents, brother and good friends, so we will have a lot of support! Thanks :)
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