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  1. The novelty of having a classic metal band is great however in a few years are they really gonna be able to put on a good show. All i'm saying is if we dont give newer bands a chance, or even just new headliners then in years to come there will be no headliners to put up on the stage. Even just having newer bands like Architects or Parkway subbing, would get people used to the idea of them eventually headlining.
  2. I understand that people love bands like Metallica and Maiden and I do aswell, but they're not gonna be around in the next 10 yrs and where are we gonna be then? We need new headliners that are gonna be able to play them big shows in 10/20 yrs. People are so closed minded with who should headline, Download doesn't just cover metal anymore they're are so many different types of bands beyond the main stage that one day should be up there. I'm honestly sick of seeing the likes of Maiden and Rammstein up there every 3 yrs it's like copping chooses the easy way out with repeats, even though Muse and Biffy were a risk they still turned out amazing shows, just wish they'd but some newer bands on the headline or even subbing and give them a chance.
  3. Would be happy with Green Day, BMTH, Foo's or Slipknot, even just two of these headline over the weekend would be great.
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