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  1. Congratulations to you all who got tickets! Enjoy, you are going to an incredible place. First time I failed since my first try in 2016 and the feeling of emptiness is so strange... Have a wonderful time!!
  2. antoniojmc

    Coach Question

    Just as I feared. But I will try anyway from Bristol, first time trying for coach package. Thanks a lot for the answer!
  3. antoniojmc

    Coach Question

    Hi there! Does anybody know if there is any departure from Bristol Airport or just Bristol for coach package?? Thanks a lot to all!
  4. Hi there! Next month I will try to get tickets to go to the best festival in the world for third time, but due to a possible change of job, I am not sure if I could go. I know you can reject your tickets, but in case I got tickets as a group, I would like to know if I can reject just my ticket, so my friends can go anyway. Does anybody know this? I also would like to know the same information about Worthy View: if I got accomodation there, can I reject it? What is the deposit in this case? What if the tent is not full because of me? Thanks a lot for your help!!
  5. antoniojmc

    2019 Headliners

    What about the strokes? They just have been announced for BBK live
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Antonio, from Spain, and next year will be my second Glastonbury, I can't be more excited. My girlfriend and I went there in 2017 and we wanted to come back. Thanks a lot to everybody on this forum, I have read a lot of wonderful advices and tips which help to make it possible! Looking forward to come back!
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