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  1. Thanks! Getting seating off sites is a great idea.
  2. Having clicked your links I am seriously impressed! Thanks so much for pointing me in the right directly. I love all the places you sent me to. Sooooo many thank yous
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! I will definitely research as you suggest. Yes tiny tea tent is the one I meant. Agree that budget could be a major limiting factor. Best bet is finding companies based nearby that are willing to spare just a few hours I think. Ooh shambala yes!! I’ll be looking into that too. You’re a star!
  4. Does anyone know how I’d go about getting in touch with stall holders who I could book for my event in july 2020? I’ve tried on the festival site and google and can’t find contact details for the stalls I’m interested in. I’m thinking particularly of the tea tent that’s just at the entrance to the healing field, the late night chill out tent/tipi? with acoustic guitar and comfy floor seating, stalls that do glitter make up or make flower garlands with real flowers. I’m considering anything that would contribute to a festival vibe. I would LOVE to get the tower from the park stage! We could maybe recreate something smaller. Any ideas for the event would be very welcome. We basically want to have our own tiny mini-glasto as we haven’t been successful in getting tickets for years...
  5. I’m back in the game after kids and getting out of an abusive relationship. Really really need glasto next year! Good luck everyone. All offers to try for me if you get in very welcome 😊
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