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  1. AmazingAbby

    Out of office

    Officially on! Actually put it on an hour before I left because who’s doing anything in that hour...or the 7 before that actually. So excited I feel a bit sick!
  2. AmazingAbby

    Hay fever

    There was another thread about this a couple of weeks ago I'll try and link it but I'm a bit useless at posting. Mine's absolutely killing me the past week but it seemed to be no bother at all in 2017. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/230250-any-glastonbury-compatible-hayfever-fixes/
  3. That's such a good shout. I'd only thought about layers to stay warm! Definitely adding a shirt to my pile.
  4. Got my nails done (yesterday). Bought the last of the booze and snacks. Wrote half a 6000 word project report I promised myself I’d draft before I leave Tuesday (most definitely not going to happen). I’m the best procrastinator and I’m too excited to do non Glastonbury related things!
  5. AmazingAbby

    Pop ups

    Mines still trying to take me to a samsung give away page but crashing - iphone 8 on safari. It works fine on my laptop though.
  6. Feels like 34! WHAT! (I know this will change 100 times before Thursday but still thirtybloodyfour!)
  7. Fake news. I'm only believing updates from @Sawdusty Surfer and @deebeedoobee from now on.
  8. It was in Sunderland where there’s basically a pound shop on every corner. Only time I’ve actually seen them though.
  9. I've been unproductive for months now. Yesterday I actually did shit loads of work in panic when I realised I was going to be away this time next week. It's okay though back to being fully unproductive today.
  10. @deebeedoobee your updates make me smile. Excellent choice of gherkins and avocado today. This stuff is why I spend an unjustified amount of time on here everyday.
  11. AmazingAbby

    Worried Sick

    Such good news! Have the best time at the farm. Enjoy every minute xx
  12. Found these in Poundland today. Remembered someone mentioning buying them online a while back.
  13. I usually use all of the usual tablets and stuff but find this spray seems to work really well for me. You have to request it from behind the healthcare counter and quite pricey at 7 quid but seems to be one of the only things that stops me feeling like total death. Mine's been really bad this year so I'm happy to try anyone elses suggestions too!
  14. AmazingAbby

    Worried Sick

    I know how worrying this can be. Like other posters I’ve had abnormal results returned and instantly thought the worst. Myself and friends have had different treatments and they’ve never been as bad as we’ve dreaded. Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be well looked after whatever your results.
  15. Yeah you're right. I'm never going to say no to sun at any point either. I'm too tired to even have feelings towards the weather now we're on our fifth day of rain in Newcastle.
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