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  1. 2017 was perfect for me. 2019 was a struggle and I'm usually ok with heat. Had a lot of naps in random patches of shade last year.
  2. I love random stories like this. Guardian long reads really take up a lot of the time I should be working.
  3. Went to see him last night and he did apologise for fucking people about. Also said he was having a bit of a bad time and would let everyone know why soon to explain. You could tell he was genuinely apologetic. Amazing show as well. You definitely can't bracket him in with Ezra.
  4. Yeah I agree. People seem to forget stuff like this pretty fast. Completely different demographic but remember that time Cheryl assaulted a toilet attendant and then went on to become the nations sweetheart. The public are fickle and apparently have selective memory.
  5. This thread is really brightening up my very dull work days at the minute. Thanks for everyone's suggestions so far!
  6. Ah this is great. I've missed them so many times!
  7. I just don’t think you can class anyone who takes to social media to slag off any artist for being ill a true fan. Gigs are never cancelled lightly, think about all the people who are losing out on work too, you don’t see them ranting online. You can’t just imply he’s cancelling gigs due to substance abuse just because he’s a male singer in his 20s. In the end no artist owes anyone their health.
  8. So you’re suggesting he’s not ill, he’s actually a drug addict? Gigs being cancelled sucks for fans but I’m sure he’s not enjoying having to repeatedly let people down at such a vital point in his career. Actual fans would probably be more concerned about his health than losing out on the cost of a train ticket.
  9. Done. A lot more fancy than the usual survey monkey!
  10. Thanks! Going to try and be organised and book something this week. Should have done it sooner but I’m the most indecisive person ever.
  11. Pilates will help massively. As others have said having a strong core will really help and Pilates focuses a lot on that and realigning your body. Try find somewhere you can have a one on one session first to discuss your problems and they'll recommend the best exercises. I've been going regularly for nearly two years now and my body is definitely thankful for it.
  12. I usually do HIIT every morning and Pilates three times a week but was wiped out by a chest infection most of December and now have a viral infection. Wouldn't mind missing the exercise for festivities (pints) but being ill is just shit. Trying to get back into it this week - did a body coach live HIIT on NYD and my thighs are still burning.
  13. Hello Second day back at work of 2020 and already skiving on the forum... We usually drive down from the North East on the Tuesday and stay over somewhere within half an hour (ish) drive. Stayed in Temple cloud last year and ended up with the longest walk through the CV fields after being parked in blue 10 or something awful like that. The year before we stayed in Hallatrow which meant we drove from exactly the same direction and ended up in purple parking so I guess it's luck of the draw. Anyone recommend somewhere good to stay? If it helps me avoid blue parking that's added bonus p
  14. Not sure why you bothered going to Brixton if you don't seem to be a fan? I've not heard anyone praise his covers over his own music, covers are always an unexpected bonus at a gig so go down well. He's clearly a very talented songwriter and in my experience the crowds know all of own his songs word for word.
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