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  1. Dont shoot me but....please god no....
  2. ill do the first 40 mins then we can swap
  3. LOl ok im going..............
  4. Robbie williams ends his american stint in march wonder how Robbie subbed by Liam would go...
  5. Youve seen her dance now see her sing ...she will be available next year due to not having a job... Its Theresa may.. ok i will get a taxi
  6. Very clever wish i had thought of it a few years ago....especially 2010 when i slept in a ditch having spent to long at the Apple tree and missed the gates opening
  7. last time we turned up at around 1pm got straight in.. on the wednesday at 8am people took tents in first thing to get somewhere to stay inside i personally think its a bit cheeky beating the queues but cant blame them ....
  8. Thought i would start this so we cn say hello before we get there
  9. I have looked through the old posts and cant find an answer how long did the cv fields take to sell out last year?are we talking minutes or an hour
  10. That would be horrible, Way to many clashes i would have to be at three different stages at some points, but please make it happen
  11. i disagree east is by far more exciting than west ? Infact just go wv its way more fun
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