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  1. Hope we will be ok, got t4 with small awning arriving Friday evening ?
  2. You can sign up to be shift buddies so can be on shift at the same time but not necessarily in the same place
  3. Me and the missus lucky enough to get steward roles after many years of just being there. Actually looking forward to it and hopefully be good fun ;). Don’t think I could have coped of not going and couldn’t face another grave Sunday morning like last October. Hopefully see some of you in the fields :)
  4. Sad news always enjoy Mark on 6 music. Speedy recovery
  5. I wouldn’t mind getting involved in this just me and better half going so would love to increase chances
  6. Hi, I’m not so new but on new username as old details were linked to freeserve ?. Never posted that much but here’s hoping for ticket day. Good luck all ?
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