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  1. Two tickets available. face value located in Exeter, can meet on site, or special delivery. PM. ?
  2. Sigh. Yes, thank you for that info, and we live in Exeter, staff from surrounding villages. No idea why my location is set for London.
  3. Sadly this is where the misinformation spreads. As I say Im on the fence with it all, but had been told it wasn't 'live' until July, and Glasto was a trial venue. For what its worth, Im actually trading at the festival and have had two members of staff pull out this morning after attending 5G talks.
  4. Maxthewoodman

    5g concerns.

    Hello Does anyone know if its possible to find out where the 5G masts are placed on the site? I heard that The Park was the only area to have this 'experiment'. Im on the fence with 5G, but I have educated friends that are really concerned with the roll out of this, and in particular I have two trader friends that have had staff pull out of the festival because they are so worried about the health risks. I have to say Im amazed that the Eavis's have decided to run with this, especially considering how many cities and boroughs in Europe have stopped their involvement. I guess there is a healthy pay packet from EE involved. Anyway, is there a legal requirement for the festival / EE to provide info on mast numbers and placement? Anyone else concerned about this? XXX
  5. Hi Duncan - very sorry to hear your boy can't make it - we would love your ticket if its still available - my son would like to take his girlfriend! Happy to meet anywhere on site - Matt - 07775774652
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