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  1. nysmaw


    I was there, at Wembley, at 22 years of age. Not with a younger sibling, of my own free will. And I had a blast. One of the best shows I've been to this year, along with The Cure at Way Out West and Foo Fighters at Lolla Stockholm. There is plenty of Armies and Blinks and what-not who are over the age of 12, 15, 18, 20, 30, you name it. Their demographic is focused on young girls, yes, but still quite wide anyway. I'm very sure we'll get to see some K-pop at Glasto, sooner or later, though I'm not betting on Blackpink. But for any smaller act (TXT, G-Friend, NCT 127, ITZY, Stray Kids), to claim to be the first K-pop act at one of the most respected festivals in the world, that's a huge motivation to accept smaller stages and lower slots I think.
  2. Cardi B has pulled out, presumably in support of A$AP Rocky. Thursday is without a headliner as of yet, any ideas how likely is a decent replacement? *looking in Robyn's direction*
  3. Hiya! Accommodation and bus booked, but I'm looking for ways to save up and thus buying a ticket second hand. Do you have any experience with them checking names on tickets etc.?
  4. Soooooo... thoughts? Despite the lineup being so millennial (I endured neither Travis Scott, nor J Balvin), I was quite happy with the way it turned out. Highlight of the weekend were by a mile and without a cast of doubt Foo Fighters. I got lucky enough to get to the barrier and it was well worth it. As for organisation, I didn't encounter any serious issues, everything went quite smoothly. Perhaps there should have been more water stations and don't get me started on how expensive the food was.
  5. My favourite day as well, but I managed to get a 3-day ticket for the price when it was still 2 days long, so I thought that for ~€65 extra as opposed to just a Saturday ticket I'll get two extra days which ain't that bad afterall...
  6. Any idea on how the sales are going? Underwhelmed by the line-up, but I'm in Stockholm anyway so....
  7. The Strokes were just not loud enough. You couldn’t hear the vocals much. When Julian said something inbetween songs, you couldn’t even tell what he was talking about. I wasn’t even far back.
  8. All the practical info from yesterday Queues - On the way in very organized, hardly any waiting. Way out was a nightmare. Security check - I read I think on Twitter that they weren’t doing much, yet it turned to be one of the most thorough checks I’ve experienced. They went through pockets of folded jackets, even cases for glasses. But... There’s a policy that you can bring in an unopened water bottle, which I did but nobody checked whether it was actually unopened. So if you really want to get something in... Also there’s a no food policy and I had half my lunch in the pocket of my jacket (I was gonna finish it before getting there but didn’t feel very well, so this was quite unintentional). The lady must have felt it in the pocket but was probably searching only for solid objects. No one asked for an ID. (I’m 22 but look olde though.) Prices - Beer £3 small, £6 pint, Heineken 400ml £5.6, wine 375ml £13, 750ml £25, cider £2.8 small, £5.5 pint, £5.5 packaged 300ml, spirits 50ml £10. Food felt pricy to me but then again I’m spoiled by Eastern Europe’s standards and everything is pricy to me. Merch - I only saw their APE merch and stuff for Chems and The Strokes actually? Not much else. Waste management - Terrible. Plastic everywhere. Staff - Big shoutout honestly. I spent most my day at the barrier of the North stage and inbetween and even during acts they were giving out cups of water. Generally everyone was very nice to deal with. Sound - I’m not an expert but here are my thoughts. Like I said I spent most of the day at the North stage. First off I thought that it was wonderful. Not too loud, clear, nice. Around Courtney Barnett I had to take ear plugs and for Interpol I felt it was too loud actually. Plus the drums felt way too heavy in the mix. Enough was said about The Strokes, but it really was hard to hear.
  9. I was on the right side of the stage and it felt like a singalong in a pub to a couple of The Strokes songs, absolutely not loud enough. Massive #stroxit throughout. If the undercard wasn’t as good, I’d be quite angry at having paid the full price for that.
  10. "However, there was a certain amount of dissatisfaction surrounding the curtailed programme for the Thursday, and we were keen to resolve that." I'm really pleased that they took the feedback into account and went on to do something about it. It's not something you see happen every day! ???
  11. nysmaw

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I wonder if this is due to the amount of people who are trying to sign it.
  12. Can we get some love for Lovesong? When I started learning English in primary school, we once listened to Friday I'm In Love in class (perhaps to learn the days of the week...). I remember telling my mum to which she said to my 10-year-old self that of all songs our teachers chose the most overrated one, and that kinda stayed with me to this day.
  13. When she won the feud with Kylie Jenner over the use of just Kylie I think.
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