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  1. Hi Craig, really sorry, this forum didn’t notify me of your question!! I do know a great car park so if you go next year ask me again 🙂 Andrea
  2. It doesn’t get really full until the Friday so you should be able to find a half decent spot Thursday afternoon. But don’t be surprised when you roll back to your tent later or on Friday afternoon if half a dozen more have sprung up around you and you can’t get in or out of your tent 😂
  3. Hiya, sorry you can’t go this year, sadly we both have our tickets or I would have taken the adult ones. However if you don’t have any joy selling them I would like to do respect camping. I have been there in the past but missed it this year. let me know if I can help, good luck in selling them all.
  4. Hi Tracey, Wekve had this problem in the past, and yes parking is fairly expensive in Portsmouth but nowhere near as expensive as taking the car on the ferry (depending on how many passengers there are) Personally, we never take the car over now, it’s a bit of a pain to get your stuff across but the bus’s to take you to the campsite are close by (once you get off Ryde pier) we now tend to leave the car in Southampton, it’s easier to park and the buses are right outside the ferry terminal at the other end. Good luck and have a great time!
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