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  1. Can add this to possibilities list... https://www.noelgallagher.com/live
  2. would certainly explain the delay. i fucking hate ABBA.
  3. unless theyre v confident whoever headliners are a certainty to bring a sell out? it is v unusual i grant you that
  4. oasis are reforming and headlining so cant announce until official statement. same with pink floyd and led zep. heard it hear first ?
  5. i think the opposite tbh, expecting something special
  6. we hire a caravan away from festival site every year, real bed, shower, ironed clothes, even a swim in mornjng before heading out :0)
  7. neil young and bob dylan playjng bst so dylan at least looks a certainty for IOW (perhaps both tbh)
  8. last year we went southampton on way over and portsmouth on way back, both v v easy, dont get too concerned about ferry times as with foot passengers it pretty much goes out the window
  9. also been working on trying to get colonel mustard and the dijon 5 on the line-up, look them up, fingers crossed they are there as ill have band passes :0)
  10. as for artists im feeling confident about the eagles as rumours as similar to depeche mode last year which proved correct, them apart i think dmas and jamie t will be there
  11. forget about taxis as they are few and far between and will prob cost a small fortune, just get the ferry and follow the crowd and youll be fine ?
  12. getting ferry is easy enough mate, just turn up and wait in line ?
  13. think the eagles is a good shout as they were in press last year quoted as playing iow2018, might have got years mixed up and its an iow classic rock kinda band
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