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  1. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    If Foals are there next year, I'm selling everything i own for a ticket
  2. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I am sunburned to an absolute crisp, and the litter that was left after the England game left me quite sickened inside, BUT i had a fantastic weekend
  3. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Depeche Mode

    As good as they sounded, it was sadly a show for the die-hard fans and no one else. I've never had so much room and personal space watching a headliner before....
  4. BeauSEJOURMusic


    Awesome, let's do it! It'll be my first time seeing Kasabian, can't wait!
  5. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Front of Stage

    ^^ This. At my last IoW, Pharrel was on before Blur, and I took advantage of the huge swathe of Pharrel fans leaving, ended up pretty much at the front for Blur. I'm planning to do the same thing this year for the Script/Kasabian transition :')
  6. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Unless I'm going blind, I can't seem to find Electro Love anywhere on the maps. Do you guys know whereabouts it normally is? I'm interested in quite a few things there
  7. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Late night at IOW

    I remember the last time I went (2015), there was a Dance music/rave up tent with some excellent DJ's... in fact, most of the weekend was spent in there, but I can't remember if it had a name (It surely must have done) Can't see anything that rings a bell on the "Areas" section on the fest website though..
  8. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    If you're up early enough, I really recommend popping to Platform One stage on Sunday morning (11.30am) to see Annabelle Spencer, she's excellent!!
  9. BeauSEJOURMusic


    Bumpity bump
  10. BeauSEJOURMusic


    I'm 25, so I should be alright! ..Maybe I should've put that in the post..
  11. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I dunno... it gives me a headache, personally :')
  12. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I just noticed something, but maybe it's nothing... Is there a noticeable gap between Kasabian and The Script on the new line-up poster? Is it just a poor design, or do you think maybe somebody new will be announced? (I'm hoping it's the latter)
  13. BeauSEJOURMusic


    Hello my dudes, I'll be at the festival from Thursday afternoon through to Monday, and I'm essentially there on a solo jaunt. (My mum and her boyfriend are coming too, but they'll be off doing Mum-and-boyfriend-things) I haven't really done a festival on my own before, and I was wondering if there was anyone here who wanted to meet up for an overpriced cider? If you want an insight into my musical tastes, Soul II Soul followed by Hacienda Classical sounds more interesting than Liam G and Depeche Mode. Peace xo
  14. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I've wanted to see Kasabian for so long that I might just have to put up with The bloody Script.
  15. BeauSEJOURMusic

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    My first reactions looking at stage splits: 1) It will really test my love of Kasabian having to stand through The Script to see them 2) Soul II Soul followed by Hacienda Classical might actually win out over Liam/Depeche 3) Thursday seems a little underwhelming. I really like The Wombats, but a tribute band followed by a DJ act? Might just watch the football instead. 4) I CAN'T WAIT