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  1. Ahah you guys are getting really impatient. There will be big names coming soon for sure. Their announcement strategy has always been the same over the years, I just feel the undercard is a lot weaker than in previous editions.
  2. This is not going to be super helpful but here goes. I've been to this festival almost every year since 2012 (missed 2016). Always camped and I consider the camping site to be half of the festival's experience. It's in a pretty idylic scenario near a small village in the north of Portugal. I would strongly recommend going and camping. If you want a bit more comfort there are glamping options, but being near the river is priceless in my opinion. if you really want the hotel option it's a bit more complicated since it's a very small village. There areno big hotels in it and the small inns available are generally fully booked a year in advance by the festival's organization for personell and artists. There may be some airbn'b options still available. The only shuttles I know of go from the village to the festival site so this is also not very helpful for your situation. Consider camping or renting a car and driving to and from the festival.
  3. Why would they do that at this point? Just because...?
  4. Radiohead just released a single...
  5. Are we sure the Monkeys aren't touring? Find strange to think they wouldn't take TBHC to Glastonbury/Reading and Leeds...
  6. I know nothing. But looking at the the names confirmed and the slots remaining I'd say there's at least a couple of subs left.
  7. I'm already sold on this lineup, and there's probably one or two more surprises coming its way.
  8. You think they can pull something along the lines of a McCartney?
  9. The 1975 ruled out since they are doing Super Bock Super Rock the weekend after. SAme goes for Metronomy but I wasn't really expecting them anyway
  10. I don't think that The 1975 are that big in Portugal tbh. 3rd on the main stage is the highest I see them doing.
  11. Some shots from the river that runs along the camping site and the main stage.
  12. Didn't see any topic created for this festival in the North of Portugal which happens in quite the beatiful scenario. They just announced their first confirmation today: The National
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