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  1. iEJB

    2019 Headliners

    What's the likelihood of The Prodigy being there? Could they possibly headline the other stage?
  2. Truck Festival announcement Wednesday! Any hopes of getting a R/L announcement this week or is it still looking like brits week?
  3. I'm pretty sure Kendrick and Foo's will headline? I believe Kendrick is preforming in Paris Friday 24th, therefore it's looking like Foo's will play Sunday at Reading and Kendrick Saturday and Sunday at Leeds? Can't see AM being there as I would assume they would want to close on the Sunday at Leeds, like they've always done? But who knows? That's all I've seem to have picked up from this thread?
  4. Not sure if this has already been said but any chance Tame Impala could be at R/L?
  5. Wouldn't AM still be a possibility here tho if Reading and Leeds have to announce all the headliners at once? Surely AM wouldn't be able to announce themselves before the offical R&L line up poster?
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