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  1. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    yessssss @festivalsaregood
  2. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    if the sziget festival hungary announcement is true then that means AM are effectively travelling around Europe etc all summer, another two weeks following that festival is RandL so surely that alters the argument that AM wont be at RandL because they are only in Europe at the start of summer and wont come back?
  3. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    @didinowanttohearthat another AM fan boy over here, the main reason I even started looking at this forum was to find out whether AM were playing RandL or not this year lol, fully off topic I know but apart from arctic monkeys reddit (which is the only AM forum I look at and is brill) do you know of any good AM forums for finding out info/rumours?? Thanksssss
  4. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    two stage thing is most likely nonsense dunno why everyone took it as fact
  5. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    any ideas how likely these bands are to be at RandL anyone?? The Wombats, The Streets, The Kooks??
  6. sebby123

    Lineup 2018

    has no one thought the delayed randl lineup is because of arctic monkeys delaying their dates as well? then again it could be because they want to announce foos/royal blood on brits week