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  1. Nearest parkrun is 8 miles away at Blandford Forum. I suspect there will be a few (including myself) escaping festival site for a couple of hours.
  2. My second after last year's which I enjoyed very much. Didn't really get going for me until Saturday evening but still had a great time discovering new music. And discovery is what for me EoTR is all about since I don't really make much of an effort rest of year to seek out new music. Had never hear of Pond, Real Estate, Car Seat Headrest, Tootard, Slowdive, or Lucinda Williams until this weekend but very much enjoyed their sets and doing a bit of catching up post-festival I see that they are all established artists. JAMC I had seen before but still impressed with their flawless set. Catching Rolling Blackouts' Tipi set on Sunday night was the perfect finish to the weekend. I forget which performer who commented that this was a music festival for music lovers but he was spot on. Will be back.
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