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    Leeds 2017 - No pitches left

    Thanks, thats useful to know.... and there was me thinking a 7.30am bus would get us there with pitches to pick
  2. finn_2017

    Leeds 2017 - No pitches left

    The Piccadilly slopes were certainly full by later on Friday, think there was the odd space when we arrived (maybe its the last place to fill; no toilets/very slopey/near fair). The last field (green) was full to the back by the time we got there.
  3. finn_2017

    Leeds 2017 - No pitches left

    Thanks both, i think i was fooled a bit by the bus travel package and thought Friday was the main or at least a more popular arrival day. I was expecting to see at least a few decent spaces at 10.30am like there was starting to appear at 9am on the Sunday.
  4. finn_2017

    Leeds 2017 - No pitches left

    Hi, Just back from Leeds Festival on the weekend, first timer. Could i ask for views on the lack of pitch space this year? We got there on a weekend ticket on Friday morning at 10.30am and it was really difficult to find any space for just a 2 man tent! Ended up in the Green field near a walkway where a security guy warned us not to encroach on the path. If we had a few big tents, gazebo etc we would have been knackered. Is it always as bad as this year? Someone was saying theres one less field this year (no brown), someone else said everyone had done early bird and nicked the space. Any views from veterans? Im not prepared to do early bird next year arriving 2 days before the bands. cheers