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  1. wil4000

    Hotel accomodation

    Need to sell for both fri and sat night if possible. If you double that I'd take it
  2. I can no longer make it. Have sold my tickets but have a hotel room going for the Friday and Saturday night. It's at the holiday inn, Reading- south. Breakfast too!! Looking for £300. Message back if interested and we can sort out the booking name etc
  3. I have 2 x Weekend tickets (Fri, Sat & Sun) that I can no longer use due to a change in plans. They cost me £205.00 each (£410 total) and I'm looking to sell them for no less than £180 each (£360 total). Can arrange a pick up of the tickets as I have the physical paper tickets, but will need to be in Hampshire as that's where I live. As a side note, I also have a hotel booked for Friday and Saturday night. It's the Holiday Inn, Reading - South. Got a Double room for 2 people with breakfast and would sell this for £250 if anyone interested. Reply to this thread and we can arrange whatever necessary.