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    Guest Camping

    Still I'm wondering how we get back to camp after the arena closes and we want to go to Piccadilly party or relentless? Because we can't go back through the arena to get to camp?
  2. SarahJ123

    Guest Camping

    But surely guest camp has the option to party at night. How would I get back to camp at 4am? They can't expect everybody to be back at camp after the arena closes?
  3. SarahJ123

    Guest tickets pickup need ID?

    Hello, I've been lucky enough to be given some Guest camping tickets for Leeds fest. They're etickets from ticketmaster that have been printed off with the compulsory donation already paid for. The tickets are not in my name and I won't be going with the friend who gave them to me. Will I need ID to get in to the festival or will they not question the name? I'm starting to worry! Thank you!