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  1. My ticket has not arrived and been returned to the sender (Ticketmaster, all the way in fucking Manchester). I am going on the 23rd as i have early entrance, is there any chance that if i supply all the evidence that i have bought the ticket (confirmation emails, Ticketmaster app, reference no. , purchase card etc) that i would be given entrance? I need to some help as the Ticketmaster helpline has been very unhelpful. Cheers.
  2. I am in a similar position. I live in London and my ticket has not got to me yet, i head out to reading on the 23rd. Will i be able to pick up my ticket from the Hexagon? Do i need to contact Ticketmaster/Hexagon before I do so? the Ticketmaster help desk has been absolutely trash, I am worried i will show up and be unable to get my ticket.