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  1. 16 minutes ago, eastynh said:

    Right everyone, you have all had a couple of days to wallow in doom and gloom, but now is the time for positivity.

    Last year I was in exactly the same position as you all are now and it was a thoroughly horrible experience, I know exactly how you are all feeling. 

    But I checked into resale club last year and told everyone in there that I would be going to the festival no matter what, I would find a way. In the end I managed to get a ticket in the coach resale, 20 minutes after the sold out sign went up.

    Whether it is resales or working, there are ways to get in, it just depends how much you want it. Don't give up hope and stay positive.

    Its not over yet.

    This has helped the blues somewhat. Today has felt worse than the other two as I keep thinking of the cons of volunteering over a standard ticket (and of course there are cons but I also need to think of the pros!). Just wish I could have a crystal ball to see if the hope of the next six months will be all worth it!

  2. 33 minutes ago, sirjonnyp said:

    Can only say for the toilet crew. You will either be assigned Tuesday arrival or Wednesday arrival, with a training shift on the evening you arrive. Judging by the amount of tents last this year, I would guess it's a 50/50 split as to which day you get.

    After the training (which was particularly useless (although not as useless as the pre-festival training)) you have four six hour shifts to work, with a guarantee of one day off. If you get there on the Wednesday I think you're supposed to work the Monday - can't confirm though. 

    Most toilet teams have shifts that go from either 6am - noon, noon - 6pm or 6pm - midnight. WA aren't too fussed about punctuality, so don't mind if you sit around the campsite until twenty minutes into your shift, we never figured out why. This also works the other way - show up back at base half an hour early? Sweet, drop yer hi vis off and go enjoy yerself laddeh. 

    If you're assigned an area in the SE corner you have been unlucky, your shifts will be noon - 6pm, 6pm - midnight, midnight - 6am. And you have to work the SE corner. Silver Hayes shifts during the evening also suck. I would have hated a shift finishing at 6am this year in that heat. 

    Generally though, toilet duty is fairly laid back and not that bad. Aside from cleaning the first round in the morning when they've been unattended for six or seven hours overnight, they're basically a good level of clean. Crowd control can be a bit annoying (I got pushed, shoved and verbally assaulted trying to litter pick in a urinal one evening) but that's basically the worst of it. Having been in a fair few sewers in my time I find it funny when people turn their noses up at toilet cleaning at the festival. It's really not that bad, the work isn't hard and it's a fairly good deal. 

    WA organisation is a bit lacking, but last year was the first year that they have done all the longdrops on site, so maybe they'll do a better job this year. They give you one meal per shift, which my mate found out the hard way having misread the comms pack and thought they fed you every meal. You get free use of recycling crew's showers and they have some various snacks in their charging tent that are free. 

    Edit - forgot to say that if you get she-wee your shifts are a bit bonkers - something like 8pm - 4am, 4am - noon, noon - 8pm but with two days off. I think if you have done a festival or two with WA before you will be more likely to go in the water tap shed things. 


    TL,DR: 24 hours of shifts + useless pre-festival training, don't get south east corner for better shift patterns, no-one should turn their nose up at toilet cleaning. 

    This is really useful! Thanks for taking the time!

  3. In the resale club for the first time since 2013. Waves of sadness combined with an awareness of how lucky we’ve been for the past 6 fests. We’ve managed to get 90% of our group there every year and I’m more grateful for the memories than wanting to curse the festival this time around.

    Currently planning to get in on volunteering and then try out for resale. Determined to be there for #50 though, and if that means I’m seeing the fest in a different way then so be it! The positive thing with volunteering also is that it frees up some money to experience one of the European fests our group has been keen to try.

  4. Bit gutted - was trying to get WV tickets for my parents (my dad has always wanted to go to Glastonbury and my mum has been convinced after he had a health scare last year). I’m assuming these go back on and off sale over the year depending on cancellations etc and it’s worth keeping an eye on them?

  5. The xx were definitely one of the highlights of my weekend! Totally agree with those here who say a 4th album on par with I See You could propel them up to headliner. I'd love to see them up there too - playing on the Pyramid obviously means so much to them as a band.

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