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  1. I'm still traumatised by this film a week later.
  2. I don't get Gavin and Stacey at all. Possibly because I've hardly seen any of it but that's because I didn't like it.
  3. Taxidermy: Stuff the World. Amazing. I would love a copy of it but can't get hold of it anywhere despite repeated, if sporadic, efforts. http://www.centuryfilmsltd.com/taxidermy.htm
  4. sadwitch

    Moto GP

    I prefer a Moto M&S.
  5. Dunno, hasn't got a label on it.

    *hoots with laughter*

  6. What are you lookin' at?

  7. Super Sonic! Awesome.

  8. aww look! you've got no friends :(

  9. Hellooo. I always did like a hirsute lady.

  10. BTW nice beard!

  11. Leave my Dwarf alone. He hasnt done nothin to you. Im going to report you to Neil now...

  12. bon soir. still here then?

  13. wotcha. *punches dwarf*

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