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  1. oh well tht makes more sense I thought the festival tickets was only the 3 days w/o camping, cause I'm looking on it on ticketswap and looking at camping regular tickets are around 100 euros. Thanks for the clarification !
  2. I don't understand how people are selling camping tickets for 100+ euros? how is it that expensive compared to any other festival?
  3. This weather is making me doubtful about still going or not, also does anyone have any experience camping at the relax one? Since it's the one I'd most likely be staying at
  4. Hello I'm thinking about going to PP for the first time and I have some questions hopefully someone can help! My first question is, is it possible to use IDEAL as a payment method on the festival grounds to buy tokens and such? so like a dutch bank card. Second question. What's the easiest way to get there coming from the Netherlands? Does the festival ticket work the same as Rock Werchter's where I wouldn't have to pay to use the train within Belgium?
  5. Is there a lone camper meetup for ppl staying in A1 as well? If so lmk!
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