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  1. duzzage

    Lift from London - Wednesday

    Hey where abouts in london would you need pick up/drop off? We're coming from east london on wednesday early morning, like 4am. Let me know, we could help out? Ben
  2. duzzage

    Lift from London on Tuesday/Wednesday

    Hey, where abouts in london? We're coming from east on wednesday early morning. Let me know, we could help out? Ben
  3. duzzage

    Looking for a lift from London to Glasto

    Hey, What time do you arrive in London?
  4. duzzage

    5 people need a lift from LND to GLASTO Thurs-Mon

    Hey, I'm not sure you we can fit 5 in on the journey from London, but I reckon on the way back we could. We're planning to leaving Monday too. If your interested, my number is 07951422303, and we try work something out. Thanks Ben
  5. Hey, We are travelling back to London on Monday, and go past London City airport. If your interested give me a text 07951422303. Thanks Ben
  6. Me and 3 friends hiring a 9-14 seater minibus (not sure yet depends on the numbers) for a return journey to Glasto, driver drops us off at Bath Showground pickup/dropoff point, and then shuttle from there into Glasto. Leaving Wednesday early morning (3-4am) from Hornchurch, Essex, RM12, to miss the traffic. Pick up from Bath showground Monday around 12 - 1pm. Not sure on the price yet, the more people the cheaper it'll be for everyone. Filled a 9 seater minibus last year with our friends, and it worked out about £70 each for both journeys. If you want to jump in just for one way that's cool too. Much better than sitting on those awful coaches.