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  1. No I haven't I'll have a look. Thanks for pointing that out! @Quark Thanks for the heads up, I like them so far so I'll give them a proper listen later. Cheers everyone!
  2. Hi guys, my gig schedule is looking a little thin currently. In fact the only thing I have coming up is Wolf Alice at the Pilton Party and then nothing I fancy locally/that I can justify spending money on until January! (Well bar Slade doing a Christmas Tour that I'm secretly pretty excited for). But that's all too far away so anyone got any recommendations for stuff around the Bristol/Bath/Glastonbury area? Also hoping for fairly cheap (£15 tops) so if anyone fits that criteria I'd love to know! @crazyfool1 I would see October Drift again as they smashed it last time out but unfortunately I can't do Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Last few bands I saw just to give you an idea of what sort of music I'm into: The National, You Me at Six, Giant Rooks, Lanco, Ten Fe, October Drift, The Goo Goo Dolls, The White Buffalo, DMAs. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  3. Saw her at Love Saves the Day last weekend in Bristol having never heard of her. Well, I say I saw her. I was sat against a fence with my eyes closed having been slightly hungover still and woke up and she was playing. Got the crowd going really well and seemed to really enjoy herself which I find always makes a set more enjoyable.
  4. So now we've had a bit of time to digest all of that, who are you definitely going to see? And who are maybes? For me, definitely seeing Stormzy, IDLES, Snow Patrol, The Vaccines, Liam Gallagher, Johnny Marr, Christine & The Queens and Miley Cyrus. Also either The Killers or the Chems, horrific clash for me. Maybes: The Lumineers, Bastille, Sam Fender, The Wombats, Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs, Bjorn Again, Faithless DJ set, The Courteeners, Anne-Marie, Years& Years. Most of them are if my boyfriend can convince me to join him. Apologies, realised Hugh Jass has aleady started a very similar topic so feel free to ignore this one.
  5. Love Saves the Day festival this weekend. Hoping Villa win the playoff final on Monday. Heading to Corfu May 31st-June 8th (hopefully find a good place to watch the champions league and nations league). Visiting a friend in Dublin June 17th - 20th. Day trip to London June 22nd. GLASTONBURY!! So excited! Also want to send love to all of you who need it and hope we can all enjoy Glastonbury together as the best escape on Earth.
  6. Got tickets to see them at BST in Hyde Park in July for my birthday. Saw them at APE last year and it was phenomenal. Hoping for more of the same, but not sure whether the fact that it's not them headlining will make a difference in regards to the crowd.
  7. Thanks for enlightening me everyone. Think I got 4 very different responses so my conclusion is wear what the hell you like. If you're happy, that's all that matters. My choice of t-shirts though will not be decided until much later on.
  8. Think I'm missing the point big time here, but could someone please enlighten me as to why it's so unacceptable to wear a band's t-shirt at their own show? Surely it's like wearing a football shirt to a football match? I don't have any band t-shirts mind, just a Glastonbury 2014 one which, according to the rules, I am safe to wear any day at the 2019 festival?
  9. The Killers, John Peel, 2017 Adele, Pyramid, 2016 Muse, Pyramid, 2010 Mumford & Sons, John Peel, 2010 The Rolling Stones, Pyramid, 2013 All for lots of different reasons.
  10. Pretty sure they go under the bus in the storage area but in all honesty I can't remember. I had a large hiking backpack and a large bag for life full of cider crates and got it all to the festival with me. My friends are the same.
  11. Forgive me if I'm wrong but is this the stuff that's 6.8%? If so, had it at a beer and cider festival a few weeks back and it was amazing.
  12. Display-Name


    Got this a few weeks back. Put a big smile on my face.
  13. Hi MetaKate Would definitely recommend the shuttle bus from Glastonbury town. Very regular so you never have to wait long, good vibe, easy trip and straight to gate A. Think it was £4 or something last time out. As for things to do in Glastonbury. Definitely a trip up the Tor and spend a few hours on the High Street. Personally I'm a big fan of Rainbow's End cafe and the Blue Note cafe. Knight's fish and chips at the bottom of the high street is also very nice. As for other things to do in the local area I can recommend a lot having lived here my whole life. A walk up Ebbor Gorge where you can see the Tor and the surrounding Somerset levels in all its beauty. Cheddar Gorge is a little further but also very nice. The city of Bath is well worth a visit although it is an hour away. There's also a few companies from whom you can hire canoes and take them out on the levels with beautiful views of the Tor and surrounding area. If you have any other questions or want other recommendations please don't hesitate to ask.
  14. Had a very good couple of weeks gig wise and managed to catch 4 gigs in Bristol. 30th April: Ten Fe at the Louisiana: Were ok. Had some nice extended intros/outros but overall not enough energy in the performance to keep the crowd into it, at least where I was as there were a few people unfortunately talking throughout. Bonus points for a beautiful cover of Springsteen's I'm on Fire. Didn't catch the support band. 3rd May: October Drift at Thekla: I know crazyfool would be proud of this but really they are incredibly good live and bring an incredible amount of energy which make their songs and performances pretty amazing. The support band Some Bodies were also very good. 6th May: Lanco at The Fleece: An exciting live band that really got the crowd going. Was luckily positioned in that when they came out into the crowd to perform I was right next to them. They also covered my favourite ever country song so I was a very happy bunny in that moment. Made the whole thing feel very intimate. Also really liked the Fleece as a venue. 8th May: Giant Rooks at the Louisiana: Another really great show. Loved the singers voice and the band themselves were having a great time which was infectious. Whole crowd (sold out) was rocking. Proper sweaty gig. Support band Two Day Coma weren't really my cup of tea unfortunately. Not got another gig for a while now. Luckily still got Love Saves the Day, Glastonbury and The National at Hyde Park to look forward to now.
  15. Not sure I can really compare all the areas as obviously they're very different. But my friends and I spend a lot of time in the Cabaret during the daytime as a good fun place to sit and relax. Don't spend much time in Silver Hayes but the lineup this year looks quite appealing so hopefully they change it up a bit and it lives up to expectations.
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