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  1. Ok thx, maybe will consider arriving early. How’s the camping situation there? Lots of space or usual festival fight for a suitable space of spare grass?
  2. When do the main stage bands start? Also arriving on Tuesday with a car how long does it normally take to get in and parked?
  3. Loves the songs not terribly impressed with the live show tho....
  4. Anyone know if the “comfort area” upgrades worth having?
  5. Yeah it’s great...it’s gonna be on hard rotation today ?
  6. You joke but I’d love it. I reckon this album gonna do well based on the four tunes I heard so far.....hope the rest of the songs are as consistently good.
  7. https://www.nme.com/reviews/album/fontaines-dc-dogrel-album-review album review from Inmusics biggest fans...
  8. Fontaine’s DC album out tomorrow...you should all go an buy it ?
  9. Tolkien’s house probably has the best beer menu, burgeraj does the best burgers, sw*nky bar (attached to a youth hostel) as someone mentioned is cool and great for meeting people. if you want to do something really...erm...different... get pissed up and hit a turbofolk nightclub at 2 am ?
  10. Posters in Zagreb are crazy...literally everywhere. This week I’m in Vienna and even here they have numerous Inmusic posters....so yeah they are pushing hard on advertising which suggests it’s not selling well. Shame really as despite the underwhelming headliners the lineups pretty solid this year.
  11. San Servolo....now there a Croatian craft beer worth drinking
  12. Ive still never found that “craft beer” in a bar in Zagreb despite living here.....I reckon it’s just an excuse for Inmusic to charge 5 euros a beer.
  13. But as you probably noticed by now....I am very bad at predicting artists
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