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  1. In 2017 I was the lead booker for my coach group and the driver gave me all the tickets for my group just as I was packing the gear under the bus. Personally I'd say it to the driver when you're boarding. If he doesn't give it to you your friend can always just collect it from the box office
  2. Cardiff Thursday coach 304 time confirmed (resale ticket) Departure Info: Depart: THURS 07:15 Return: MON 10:00 £85.00
  3. Mines been updated Coach Number 304. No times though Anyone else on this coach ?
  4. Still waiting on a time from Cardiff on the Thursday - Resale ticket
  5. ryaner77

    Cardiff coach

    Does anyone know the departure point for the Cardiff coach ? And possibly the time it left at in 2017?
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