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  1. HornetMan

    Lineup 2018

    The absolute meltdown Twitter is going to have if AM aren't on the lineup is going to be glorious
  2. HornetMan

    2017 festival

    Went to Reading for the Saturday only this year on my own, meeting up with friends once I arrived, as have been an Eminem fan for years and had to pass up the opportunity to see him the last two times he's been in the UK (2013 and 2014) so couldn't pass this one up. Travelling there was an absolute nightmare, what genius schedules works at Euston for the bank holiday weekend? Didn't arrive until well past 3 so missed a few acts, but what I did see was pretty decent. Migos- were alright, not too sure why Quavo wasn't with them, he's easily the most well known of the 3 but for some reason didn't appear. Ten to 4 was an odd time for them, especially on the Main Stage, but drew a respectable crowd nonetheless. Abra Cadbra- very very good, not a massive crowd on the 1xtra stage but got them going and Robbery was easily the highlight, with about 20 people all on stage at once. Great atmosphere Frank Carter- again. very very good. Being a fellow Watford boy I liked him but even more so now, knows how to work a crowd and although I'm not massively familiar with his songs, it was good enough for me to enjoy Jax Jones- Dance tent was absolutely rammed and I mean rammed. Could barely get in but the 15 or so minutes I was there it looked incredible, with people going nuts. Highlight was definitely 'You Don't Know Me' which got a massive reaction. Major Lazer- brilliant. Looked like they wanted to be there and they were enjoying themselves. Played a bunch of their hits, and an overall great hour or so. Only negative was the crowd. Me and a friend positioned ourselves to the left of the stage but not too far from the front as to get a good spot for Eminem (we both are fans of Major Lazer anyway so that helped) but I did not anticipate the amount of craziness. Moshpit after moshpit after moshpit. I counted at least 20 people run and shove their way out due to not being able to cope. I am asthmatic and I was getting crushed and was unable to breathe at points. I eventually couldn't take it anymore so left, and after finding a spot where we could stand, rest but still enjoy the music I was okay. It was utter madness. But ML were very good. Eminem- wow. I know people accuse him of miming etc but I can assure you he wasn't. The only times he didn't rap was either to catch his breathe (which is perfectly understandable) or to talk to the crowd. Played 33 songs in just over 90 minutes, which compared to Kasabians 18 is not bad at all. Looked like he was enjoying himself which is in stark contrast to what I've heard about his 2013 headline performance. Highlight was almost definitely 'Lose Yourself' which to this day amazes me as a song. The lyrics are so meaningful and there's no wonder it's his best song. Been waiting years to see him live and it didn't disappoint. Would be very surprised if he came back for R&L though, maybe a stadium tour in a years time and then I think he might call it a day. But am so glad I can say I've seen him live. Overall a very pleasant day, will almost certainly go again next year, although the lineup will dictate whether I weekend it or just go for a day. Special mention must go to the 2 idiots who climbed the speakers during Eminem's set. First one wasn't so bad as he got to the top, then shit himself at the height and proceeded to sit down on the bars. The second one however, I'm shocked he didn't fall. He was waving his arms about like he wanted the crowd to make him jump; had he fallen he'd have seriously injured himself and loads of others, even worse he could have killed himself. Utter imbecile. Thoughts also go out to the family and friends of the boy who did die early Monday morning. How he died doesn't matter really, 17 is far far too young to go.
  3. HornetMan

    2017 festival

    Hi, long time reader, first time poster, Having gone to Reading this year, camped in Orange with earlybird, I really enjoyed it and will be going again next year. Giving my opinions on next year, my absolute dream headliners would be (although very unrealistic and very wishful thinking on my part): Friday: Linkin Park Saturday: Eminem Sunday: Foo Fighters What do people think are the chances of Drake doing it? Would places like Wireless which he did last year be better suited for someone like Drake?

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