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  1. I have always camped in West Campervan Field so do not know East at all. Reading the information on East it looks like the quiet fields are the ones nearer the festival entrance. Could someone please confirm if this is the case? Thanks
  2. The information on booking a campervan ticket this year only giving info on East campervan fields and Bath & West Showground. Can anybody confirm there is no West this Year? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/info-campervans-and-caravans/
  3. Thank you! Yes I think you are right. Just in the early hours of this morning I panicked! I swear the stress of Glastonbury tickets have taken years off my life. Good job its worth it :-) Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the replies. The ticket will say ADULT on it though and as we are in the campervan field he is going to be showing the ticket every day. Do you think the stewards on the gate will pull us? He may well be going in and out on his own?
  5. I bought my two Sons tickets in the resale and in the panic didn't realise there was a box to tick for under 16's and one of them is under 16 (he's 14) Should I contact See Tickets? Would they make the change or would they void the ticket? Or should I chance it? (any help would be appreciated, panicking here!)
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