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  1. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    Really big thank you to @Siblin, @Cityboy, @Tmouse and Neil from EFest. We tried but we failed to get tickets, we were on it straight away thanks to the fabulous alerts, but just ran out of time filling in the details. Have finally got over our disappointment, but I’m kind of glad to have my freedom back, so I can now go to the toilet without texting my husband and handing over the resale baton to him. Which became known as the ‘Shit Baton’. Nice to be part of a big group like this with a common goal. I enjoyed the banter. Congratulations to those who got tickets. Have an amazing time and give my regards to the long drops :). Party large for all of us that can’t be there.
  2. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    haha this is like the Hokey Cokey
  3. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    Yeah some peeps really don't get it. I'm quite surprised at how unprepared some chatty whatsappers are though?!?!?
  4. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    Hi Siblin, Should I have received an email alert this morning? I've anti spammed you and VIP'd you so if there was one it should have got through right?
  5. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    Last year did anyone have any luck using their smart phones to buy tickets in the secret resale, or is a computer a must? Just looking at various meetings scheduled for the magic week and trying to work out a plan so i am constantly poised!
  6. Cleggleberry

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    @T-Mouse would love to be part of group 2 - I'll be in work week of 6th may, but I'm sure productivity will be down as I refresh forum and Glasto page. Would love to help and be helped will email you now.
  7. Cleggleberry

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi All! I'm Laura and I signed up this week. I've done 5 Glastonburys, and a few others festivals but Glasto is the ultimate and the one i return to like a pilgrimage. I've got all my hopes pinned on the hush hush resale as we weren't successful in October or on Sunday, so i joined up to read and reply to all the fab hints and tips about tracking the page. I was even more gutted to miss out on normal sale tickets this year because i'm up the duff and wanted to experience one more Glasto without kids, albeit a slightly different one as i'll be sober! So all hopes pinned on the secret resale. Laura xx
  8. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    @habbott94 totally agree, if you are going you've got to camp, its ace. Its a fantastic part of it, like a temporary bustling pop up city.
  9. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    I saw this today too. Worth entering chaps? Just in case http://glastonbury.thatcherscider.co.uk/
  10. Cleggleberry

    Secret resales

    We've had rubbish luck this year in October and on Sunday. So we're pinning our hopes on the secret resale. I've activated followthatpage but it didn't pick up yesterday's updates, I was following this thread though and managed to get to the add registrations page. I nearly had kittens! Siblin is there a whatsapp group I could join please? Cold beers or warm tinnies in it for you!