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  1. It had well over 100 quid in it, genuinely thought I’d lost it and I heard people shouting my name out as they’d obviously looked at the ID and gave it back to me cash in tact. I’ve said thanks in person but it deserves publicising. Thank you so fucking much.
  2. Yeah in the current system I agree. What they could do though is barcode the ticket with a unique barcode, a reprint just replicates that barcode so if someone tries to do that, whoever uses the ticket second isn’t getting in. taking it one step beyond that are we not at a point now where tickets can be sent to mobile devices, which is already done with flight and train tickets. Then there’s no way it can be lost or duplicated.
  3. it does annoy me that these days more can’t be/ isn’t done to assist in these kinds of scenarios. At the end of the day great effort is put into making the ticket so personalised, so as long as the person arriving matches the photograph on the registration, what’s the problem? I get that they could have sold the ticket on but surely if the festival trusts it’s own ticketing systems they’d be confident that whoever bought them wouldn’t be gaining entry anyway?
  4. Drive to two separate locations to pick up the only two decent portable phone charging things I could find, taking a total of 3 hours!
  5. JoshM87

    drugs - stay safe

    Could you not take in a crate of beers with one can empty to fit any stash in? If you wedge it inside that plastic wrapping you get that ties the cans together with the label of whatever beer it is, then it’s going to be pretty hard to even notice from afar unless they actually made you take each and every can out?
  6. My photo is quite an old one as I forgot to update it this year. With that in mind I’ll be leaving my passport in the glove compartment in order to prove that it’s me. i would have thought that if in doubt, they’d expect anyone else to have done similar? That and the fact you should be able to log into your emails to show the confirmation, the fact that if you’ve travelled by car that is going to be registered into the same name as the ticket, should be able to log into your internet banking which is the same name etc etc etc.
  7. That really is disgusting. Royal Mail are an absolute joke at times.
  8. Not looking great atm - this is the latest picture I’ve been sent from onsite. Weather looks decent though.
  9. I'll either be there or well en route. Never driven before only gotten lifts and never from as far away as I now live. I'm debating whether to head off for 7am and hopefully avoid the rush to get in around the roads.
  10. Hi I've been lazy and not bought a parking ticket and now don't trust it to arrive in time via SeeTickets. Does Anyone have one for sale? Also, I keep reading that they can be bought onsite but I can't see any confirmation of this anywhere? All help appreciated, thanks.
  11. Just to lighten the mood - I unfortunately don’t get to as many Galsto’s as much of this forum. This will be my 5th and my previous four were - 04, 05, 07, 16 prohably the worst years for mud and rain in all of the 15 years between my first and now. So it’s probably going to be a quagmire. Sorry.
  12. Does anyone know how much extra it costs to buy a car parking ticket on the day? ive been disorganised and not ordered one as yet and now I’m not confident I’ll get it in time so was considering buying on the day.
  13. Ticket arrived today and I live in Broadstairs, Kent, if that’s of use to anyone. Mine was sent out next day special delivery guaranteed by 1pm, can’t remember if I paid extra for that or not?
  14. Anyone whose got the dispatch email - does tie Royal Mail tracker link work as I’m just getting an error message.
  15. I’ve sent you a PM mate. I’m disorganised and need one and don’t have one and don’t tryst See tickets to send one out in time!
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