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  1. When do we think the balances will now be due? April 2021?
  2. It’s not really rocket science is it? If you have the surname ‘Eavis’ and post on the internet about Glastonbury being cancelled when we’re approaching lockdown in the UK, it’s going to end up spreading around the Internet.
  3. If that’s definitely her and it’s actually come from knowledge rather than reacting to the current state of the world, then I find it absolutely crackers that family members have been leaking this over social media prior to an announcement being made.
  4. Assuming this is true you’d think the fairest way to handle it is to retain the deposit (with the option of a refund,) and offer a ticket to 2021 with the remaining balance to be paid at some point between now and then, perhaps not quite as late as April? I don’t think you can really be asking for full payment for a festival which presumably doesn’t have permission to go ahead as yet.
  5. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    I would personally love the Chilli peppers to headline, always wanted to see them but never got round to it. would be gutted if it’s taylor swift to be honest, absolutely zero interest in seeing her (or Kendrick for that matter,) but at the end of the day it’s Glastonbury and I’m delighted to have a ticket, so whatever happens is fine.
  6. Did we have anything close to an official figure as to the success rate last year? I heard 1 in 6. I managed to get tickets myself but obviously if you’re successful it usually feels easy enough
  7. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    I’m not disputing that she’s headliner material, I can’t remember specifically what I wrote in the initial post now but my point is that she’s not Glastonbury headliner material in my opinion .Remember the reaction when Kylie was meant to headline the Sunday in 2005 before she was sadly ill with cancer? Nobody wanted her to do it, at least nobody that I spoke to. She could headline, she’d get a decent response (lukewarm was perhaps a touch harsh,) but my point is it will likely be the exact same show that she repeats in every stadium she plays in. I’m not doubting that she’s huge at the moment and capable of headlining any festival if that’s the criteria. What I’m saying is Glastonbury has a habit of creating unique headlining moments, things like McCartney I’m 04 for example. And whilst you can’t expect every single headliner to adhere to that, my own feeling is that for the 50th anniversary there will be an emphasis on acts with a sizeable back catalogue and some personal investment in what it means to play at Glastonbury. I really doubt Taylor Swift would give a shit that it was Glastonbury and she’s see it as just another gig to play her (in my opinion) shite music and within a few years the gig will be lost in peoples memories.
  8. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    Wow that’s caused quite the stir. At the end the day it’s just an opinion. Taylor Swift is obviously a massive artist and if country pop music is your thing then I’m sure she’d be a good headliner. My own honest feeling is that she’s not on the level of last year’s headliners. I know someone quoted me further up the thread saying it’s no different to signing Jay Z, Metallica it Kanye, well maybe not but they were hardly some of the most successful headliners were they? last year was,, I think, one of the most successful headliner blends I’ve seen at Glasto. Stormzy was amazing and unique as the first grime artist to headline, and the Killers and the Cure drew on considerable wealth of experience to make two fantastic sets. I’m just not sure Taylor Swift singing about her past relationships is quite on the same level.
  9. JoshM87

    Sunday Help

    I will be trying for 6 for friends of my girlfriends. If I’m successful in that transaction then I’m free to help out.
  10. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    Disagree. Massively. like I say, I’d she ends up headlining I’ll still be on those forums and I’ll be more than happy to admit I was wrong. For me she’s not Glastonbury headliner material. she may well be successful but I think she’d get a lukewarm reception at Glastonbury to be honest.
  11. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    I’m being serious. Im absolutely amazed anyone serious thinks that out of all the artists queuing up to headline Glastonbury 2020 that anyone thinks Taylor Swift will be one of the 3 that gets chosen. if I’m wrong fair enough and I’ll be the first person to alllow the piss to be taken out of me. But I’m really surprised it’s a serious rumour.
  12. 6/6 for our group, I got tickets for 2 of us any my friend got the other 4. although my girlfriend (who isn’t going) had colleagues who got 0/6 so I’ll be up Sunday morning trying for them.
  13. JoshM87

    2020 headliners

    Taylor Swift is not headlining Glastonbury. i would be absolutely stunned if that happened.
  14. Managed to persuade my boss to let me have the Wednesday off work despite it being the busiest week of the year and him specifically telling me before booking it that I couldn’t go on the Wednesday. in fairness it was a genuine mistake, I was shitting myself when I got the confirmation email.
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