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  1. MinionDave

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    I think there has also been a rise in inner-city festivals, no camping and go home at night (or stay in hotels) thats having an impact in the traditional countryside festies. Also more large arena venues that in the past so bands are looking at these, easier to sell 10~20k tickets than 60k+ and a lot less costs to run that a festie or even large outdoor gigs (who would have through of Metallica playing arena shows and not stadiums) ta, D
  2. MinionDave

    Rolling Stones

    A wee bit after that, but not by much I'll be going to this now, bit of a last-min thing but should be interesting, just hope i get to see at least some of it. ta, D
  3. MinionDave

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Hmm, in that case then so are Ket & most Poppers - if you are classing anything that is a liquid as a drink. To be honest Ethanol is a toxin, in small enough doses your body will deal with it (with the temporary side effects in cognitive behaviour) but take enough and it will kill you and can do so quickly. This is also the case with most drugs, it's not the drug that outright causes the issue its the amount and the impact it has. As an aside anyone ever taken Paracetamol?, freely available, taken at the correct dose it's a wonderful drug, take to much and it's a horrible way to die - remind us of anything else ? Ta, D
  4. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    All based on last year, but unlikely to change much this time from what I've seen, the wheelchair platform is big enough for around 20-ish with seats available for the +1's so you will be able to sit with your wife, worst case you might be sitting behind her if it's busy. it's just stage-left of centre and perhaps 150m out from the stage. There was also accessible porta-potties at the back of this where the ramp is and the whole section has security on it, it's a great view from on it when sitting down (was up there a few times last year for a look-around). Down the ramp and just outside you can have a smoke, as no-one will be standing directly behind it anyway. As it's a city centre park getting around is quite good, a lot of tarmac paths that you can use. Food is just normal, expect £5 for just a burger, £7~8 for something bigger/better, but i never had any of the van foods so cant say how good it was. ta, D
  5. MinionDave

    Rolling Stones

    so that just comes down to the sheeple (purchaser) not being bothered to do some basic checks, like band website to check cost of tickets or boxoffice at the venue to see if any available and at what cost. A touts job is to buy tickets and sell at a raised price to make proffit, of course they will do that. They will only sell for less to cut their losses. the sooner every gig goes all 'Ed on them the better Would be interesting to know sales numbers for these gigs (normal, lucky dip, not sold), 3,500 lucky dip tickets sold is an extra £100,000 for the band/promoter ta, D
  6. MinionDave

    Rolling Stones

    Why would the be bothered, touts would have got full price tickets at £100+ when first on-sale, you can now get for £30, so shows the tickets are not selling well. Why would a tout risk buying more tickets for £30 and then not selling them.... Also - if you had the option of buying from a tout at £30, or buying direct from the venue for £30, what one would you go for ? ta, D
  7. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Radiohead last year they struggled to get 35k in for it and a lot were leaving early, technically a great band but did not do it for me live. Kasabian was a sellout at 50K and most stayed to the end, happy to finally actually see then at the 5th attempt. ta, D
  8. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Wont be a need, this day will sell very well, downside is that i think we'll get quite a few that'll want to roll up late in the day for just Texas & Queen so could be a bit quiet rest of the day. Agree with the above comments re paid-for golden circle, think it always kills the atmosphere a bit. Will be interesting to see how they do it on the day (need some extra barriers for that, compared to last year). ta, D
  9. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Fridays can run to midnight with the later start as well, Sat/Sun only to 11 but start an hour earlier. times done so not to annoy the locals with noise off-site after midnight. Had heard that this missing day was going to be more Scottish-band orientated, but happy as never seen Queen (even if it's not the full/original lineup) and like Texas (brings back memories from chatting to them in the Volcano club at Partick cross, happy days). Going to be a long 10 days of events in the green........ ta, D
  10. MinionDave

    Summer Sessions 2018

    VIP for this is usually your own area behind & to the side of the stage, with better toilets and bars, not as busy and you get to "feel like you are backstage". In reality you are to the side of the stage, stage left, there is a wee "VIP Entrance" that takes you there. You cant see the stage from that area. There's never been a separate ticketed golden circle for these gigs, just the usual first come first in and they close it when full, think it should be around 8~10k in that area from what i remember the size is. chiefski - thought they were doing up Meadowbank just now, but that might just be the main building, not over there much just now. just checked and it's closed until 2020 so unlikely to be there.... https://www.edinburghleisure.co.uk/meadowbank2020 ta, D
  11. MinionDave

    Summer Sessions 2018

    Princes Street Bandstand is only around the 2,500 limit, thats for the concrete based area. If you also add in the grassy area then it's a bit over 10,000 in total. Downside to the venue is that its on quite a steep hill, so not ideal for any bands with bouncy fans - easy to jump and land 20' forward. Dont know Edi enough if there would be other better locations for outside concerts (excluding murrayfield and hibs/hearts) that tick the in-the-city criteria, anyone got ideas ? For the Glasgow ones there is quite a tight limit on access to the park, so it really has to be done between 2 weekends, so most likely to be some of the nights between Fri 24th Aug & Sun 2nd Sep. who else would be available then and could get good sales for the 35,000 capacity ? ta, D
  12. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It's just the same as most other gigs/festivals, random searches. However, having had to deal with the aftermath of smoke bombs, flares, fireworks and the like i'd just ask you to think about it before you go full-on "tw@t-mode" and use things like this. It's not fun dealing with the burns or asthma attacks they can and do cause. Also getting caught with 'em will get you ejected, in a rather unpleasant manner, or worse arrested under a public disorder charge. Just my $0.02 worth, they look great but are not worth the risk or trouble they cause (really they aint, dealing with someone who's hand was stuck to a flare with the skin melting around it is not nice). ta, D
  13. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    they would be perfect for Sat 30th - Liam Gallagher > Courteeners > The View - keep all the fighting/flares to the one day. As an aside the only show-stop I've ever seen was at a The View gig..... Paolo Nutini would be a good add, always enjoyed his gigs and he puts on a good show, no idea what he's doing this summer. ta, D
  14. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Trains will likely be off unless you leave early. should be able to get a bus no probs or share a taxi if a few going. ta, D
  15. MinionDave

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Either ncp next to St. Enoch or glasshouse, both had deals running last year n only 10 min walk from saltmarket entrance. While I'm on (holiday just now) capacity was 55k (50k tickets) last year, Fri was 35k. Sat n sun just about sold out. Dodgy on the piss on holiday...