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  1. If you download the app there's a clashfinder/TV guide style grid in the schedule link...
  2. Yeah it's the "rabble" that brought London to a stand still, what do you fear ?
  3. There's still a gab on the Friday in the BBC tent, so probably is going to be something there, probably the rumored Frank Turner...or maybe something completely different... But the gap is there..
  4. If you've seen the map set times will feel less of a problem, the family camping has taken nearly the whole campsites this year, looks like screaming kids everywhere will be more of an issue, no I'm not the Grinch but balance is key...
  5. They're are selling Adnams in the restaurant according to the menu...
  6. There's loads more to be announced, more on the stages already announced along with other stages, lake, alcove, Solas, film and music, lavish lounge/BBC Introducing, speakeasy, theaters, cabaret, waterfront, Pandora's playground, then there's all the late night Djs and other late night stuff..
  7. Just out of interest, because nobody has said so far, those who are asking for female headliners, who would you have booked ?
  8. Why on earth are you bringing race into it ? You strange person..... Get with the program, we're talking music genres...... Can't believe I even bothered to answer
  9. What a load of rubbish, the likes of her and her sister fill out stadiums, it's their thing, should we insist they now have a "white indie band" as a warm up act, festival crowds as a whole don't go for R&B, R&B fans don't go for "white indie bands" why can we not separate our likes without having political correctness down our throats, and as for your comment "probs for latitude, whether, poor crowd or not" is rubbish, all it did was waste a good headline slot..... Please get over yourself.....
  10. You're welcome, I wouldn't worry too much, you'll never end up with a crap camping space, there's always loads of room, it's know where near as big and as a mad dash as Glastonbury to get a spot, compared it's a walk in the park ?
  11. I think if you don't have you campervan pass with you, you'd be able to drive into red gate 1 or 2 the box office is close to them, then you could drive across the field to meet the track for the campervan field, if not it would be a drive back out and into the brown gate 1, I'm assuming you've seen a map ? If not you can find one on Google for last year, the campsite won't change.
  12. I honestly don't think they will let anyone in the carparks before midday and they do open the campsites early sometimes around that time too, it's all dependent on H&S checks. As far as camping goes, yeah it's subjective, teens and noise to the front (yellow) then it gets quieter the further away from the arena entrance you go, nearer to the arena entrance, the further from your car you are, longer to carry you stuff (you can rent trollies and festaxi/golfbuggy) Hope that helps a bit
  13. The capacity is 40,000 only Saturday has sold out so far though, tickets are always late or complete shambles bit don't worry, if they don't turn up, take your confirmation emails to the box office on-site and they will sort it.
  14. I don't think he was comparing it to the Glastonbury other stage as such, he was just stating the fact, the physical structure is the other stage from Glastonbury, it was for 2 years but changed again now...
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