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  1. Wanted Fleetwood Mac to play for years and years, always said this would be the perfect setting/surroundings/atmosphere to see them. Was gutted when they were due for last year and then couldnt actually play....so im absolutely devastated that they are almost certainly to play next year....when i dont have a ticket... wahhhhhhh. ..... *pulls self together* But i WILL be going and watching FM in a sun-filled field whilst getting drunk and high on life lol.
  2. Foxie_laydie

    T day

    I know!!! Annoying! I think, we should get first dibs as were up and raring to go!!!
  3. Foxie_laydie

    T day

    I think it should Should be law
  4. Foxie_laydie

    T day

    Good luck all. Nervous as ever :-/ Its always now that im thinking, ahhh the traffic isnt too bad, and i can open pages quite easily....!! And then 8.45 hits
  5. great idea I saw FM a year ago and they were phenomenal. Sounded great...they really are faultless live. I did not want the gig to end. Was gutted that they wernt headlining last year, and have been waiting for them to headline for a long time. Will be the perfect setting and the perfect gig at Glasto. Cant wait....just gotta secure tickets now If they end up doing a UK tour next year, ill get tickets again.
  6. Foxie_laydie

    Camper 3.jpg

    Awesome pic. love it! see you in the camper fields!!!!!
  7. Foxie_laydie

    Glasto 2007

    Self explanitory!!!!
  8. Foxie_laydie


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