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  1. Hope so!!! I put off buying tickets to his UK tour as I think hes gonna play fingers crossed - New album is great
  2. Anyone mentioned the rapture yet > Playing London on the 1st July.... https://www.skiddle.com/artists/the-rapture-123511450/
  3. Left field playing some dates this summer too
  4. What about Incubus??? Used to love them 10 years ago
  5. I'm so desperate for cage the elephant to play... Surely they will right ???
  6. Ah yes just seen the full tour he's in Italy then
  7. Just noticed the soccer mommy tour ends in England right before Glastonbury....
  8. Do you think there's a good chance cage the elephant will be playing ? In Europe at the start of July, had a really good last album too. I really wanna see them! Tempted to get tickets for their UK tour but holding off for the glasto announcement
  9. Alanis morisette playing in America through Glastonbury. Thought she would have been a good one for a sing along
  10. Yeah he's awesome isn't he. Would probably headline one of the days I'd think
  11. Nailed on to be playing the west holts stage surely...
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