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  1. 2 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    Based on the fact it’s around 8 weeks till the event I’d say it’s likely that something will happen shortly … are you basing it on anything different from that ? 

    Fair enough.  I guess I meant imminently rather than shortly.

    I know I'm being a little vague, and I will show my workings out to the class, just wanna dig a bit further first.


  2. 1 hour ago, Gnomicide said:

    Absolute guesswork. Other than them not having a gig that weekend, there is nothing at all that suggests they will do it.

    OK.  Well, there was a little movement over the weekend that makes me think that A) it is them & B) the announcement (or a tease) will be landing shortly.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Jon F said:

    Camden Town 6-8 March.

    Looking forward to it but a little surprised they've gone London based when I always thought part of the remit was to take the acts to people might not usually get to see them.

    Seems very "path of least resistance" choosing Camden.  Unless they've got something elaborate cooked up... with holding it in London you'd hope it'd raise the caliber of the artists they could entice to take part,

  4. Hello.

    I had a pair of tickets but sold them on due to my wife injuring her leg.

    The fella who purchased them has never been to a festival before & said to me "can you find out how much a pint is?"

    So - last year's attendees how much where they?

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