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  1. For the past 3 mornings Greg James has played Stormzy a track on his show. Almost as if they're keeping him in peoples heads eh?
  2. Yeah - According to London Olympic Stadium’s hospitality provider. They all have slots in their schedules too.
  3. June 30th (St Vincent & Shame) & July 2nd (Courtney Barnett & Hot Milk)
  4. The banner does look a bit amateurish, but it’s been added to the Evening Standard ad rotation, so someone has paid the £££. Can’t see the benefits for someone doing this if it isn’t legit.
  5. Banner ads for Foo Fighters dates in June/July 2022 appeared on the Evening Standard website (the mobile version at least). When clicked it links to their artist page on Gigs & Tours, however as yet no specific dates are shown.
  6. Fair enough. I guess I meant imminently rather than shortly. I know I'm being a little vague, and I will show my workings out to the class, just wanna dig a bit further first.
  7. OK. Well, there was a little movement over the weekend that makes me think that A) it is them & B) the announcement (or a tease) will be landing shortly.
  8. Is Foo Fighters being attached to this just idle speculation, or does someone claim to have something a little more solid?
  9. In which case there's no chance Foo Fighters are playing as they're doing a festival in Boston that weekend.
  10. Seems very "path of least resistance" choosing Camden. Unless they've got something elaborate cooked up... with holding it in London you'd hope it'd raise the caliber of the artists they could entice to take part,
  11. The next issue of Q has APE 2020 as it's lead news story, so the release of more names might coincide with that. (subscribers get it from Friday, in shops next Tuesday)
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