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  1. We got ours without having to ask on Friday at about 3:00
  2. Steve Mason, The Besnard Lakes, Frightened Rabbit, Summer Camp, Caribou and quite a few others
  3. Timetable now available on the Website
  4. Ah well these things can't be helped, thanks for the honest explanation. See you next week.
  5. That's a bit cheeky if you have paid for postage.
  6. Here is a clashfinder spreadsheet that I knocked up with those start times. The set lengths are just guesses but hopefully shouldn't be far off the mark. http://www.mediafire.com/?1ljma767h9b2v7g
  7. No Steve Mason or These New Puritans, yet shit albums by dizzie, weller and biffy get the nod, it's crock of shit just like every other award.
  8. Not got tickets yet (my mate is in charge of that), have hotel and travel sorted though so all going well should be there.
  9. Yeah I tried getting along the top path during faithless total nightmare just went up into the tents and cut through that way.
  10. sven mk 2

    Your Top 5 Acts

    Stevie Wonder Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood Steve Mason Broken Social Scene Local Natives
  11. sven mk 2


    I stumbled across it at about 4:30 on saturday morning really enjoyed it there, I probably couldn't find it again mind you
  12. sven mk 2

    Orange app

    I downloaded it earlier, looks fine but the stage times appear to be off by an hour.
  13. sven mk 2

    Dirty Boots!

    I doubt it will be back this year, last year they were tweeting all over the shop in the lead up to the event and there hasn't been a peep out of them this year.
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