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  1. Anybody received a refund for tickets if submitted for one?
  2. As a massive RATM.. can anyone tell me what APE is? Management company?
  3. Fellow Coach Travelers can any of you confirm when you received your tickets for the coach, had the coach departed when distributed the entry tickets out?
  4. Weird one.. when were you given your tickets, had the coach left? Thanks in advance...
  5. I was there last night and i was also NY at MSG to watch them in March and same statement was quoted by Mick Fleetwood in NY as it was last night in Wembley.Perhaps there is also a muddy festival field in the US. ?
  6. ANYONE GOT A LINK? just getting a database error
  7. adrianro

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    So to ask a stupid question and apologies if this has been answered, but when i was on the holding page should I let the page remain there and await for a place in the queue or should i have been Refreshing (F5) even on the holding page, i was just constantly hitting F5 to try and get into the reg page. ?
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