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  1. Not only that, but fewer and fewer graduates are planning to pay off their student loans, which is becoming more and more difficult as fees increase. I'm pretty sure that the student loan company is going to go bust. It just can't keep going the way it is... What's also becoming normal is that a lot of jobs now ask for applicants to have a degree, when it's not always essential. It was ridiculous to aim for 50% of school leavers to go to university and now the country is paying the price. Yes, it should be accessible to everyone, but the places should only go to those who genuinely want to study rather than just rushing into it because it's the next logical step after A Levels.
  2. Another UKIP candidate has been forced to resign because of homophobic and racist comments in a recorded phone call... Just another nail in the coffin hopefully!
  3. It was still not their place to stop it though... They did not have the power, the right nor the influence to stop the Tories on every policy they had. Maybe they should have stood firm on the policies they wanted to implement from their own manifesto when they negotiated their way in, but they didn't.
  4. I don't really understand all of the anti-lib dem movement. They got fewer seats in 2010 than they had in the previous election, yet their followers have turned on them because they joined the Tories in government and managed to dilute some of their more right wing policies? It makes no sense, the lib dems were never in power, they were able to influence the Tories on some policies and yet people blame them for U-turning on their policies, even though they had very little, if any, power to enforce them... At least the student support are unlikely to vote UKIP in protest.
  5. I do think that they've got a bit more drawing power than the BNP, and from recent by elections, they are certainly getting more support than the BNP ever did. Although the recent headline about Nigel Farage blaming immigrants for him being late for a meet and greet that others have paid for has discredited him somewhat and hopefully a few more things like that would come to light by the time the Election Day comes.
  6. How much of an impact will UKIP have at next year's general election? Will they continue to gain in popularity or will the public turn on them once they start to learn that there is no substance to them at all? Each week they undergo more and more scrutiny, so hopefully people will see them for what they really are. Unfortunately I could see my constituency swinging over to UKIP as they are disillusioned by labour, but I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that the people around me have voted them in.
  7. It seems that this guy acted despicably in his departure...
  8. So Ed is going to block the transfer of powers to Scotland as Cameron is planning to also stop Scottish MPs from voting on issues that only affect England at the same time... Now the people of Scotland feel despondent... The Yes voters are saying "I told you so" and the no voters are saying "oh shite".
  9. If Yes wins and the Scottish government continue to offer free higher education, prescriptions and subsidised bedroom tax, could we expect to see an influx of people from rUK before Independence Day?
  10. There are only so many ways the press can say "the Scots have been out to vote today"
  11. Today has been really really weird because of the enforced lack of press coverage... It seemed to be such a colossal build up and then absolutely nothing, until 10pm that is...
  12. Did anyone see the abuse Andy Murray got on Twitter when he said he was voting yes? It was pretty horrific...
  13. Jeez this is one of the worst TV debates yet, including the ranting George Galloway...
  14. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-29243528 Does nobody have a job to go to?
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