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  1. some people just need to turn that frown upside down, others just need to be hung

  2. last week: mission impossible, die hard and the negotiator, tonight lord of teh boring things and transporters 3 I am upset with you channel four, if i had not seen such riches i could live with being poor

  3. Zavvi Entertainment Group Ltd, zavvi.com selling stuff that they don't have in stock and dont know when it will be in stock. Although advertising it as dispatch in 24 hrs , very poor show

  4. Well going to give Inverness GiGs a break for the next few days. On top of making some mistakes and of other people being unfairly and consistantly critical and at time just down right lying, well you have to be strong to deal with it and with some family issues to deal with it's not the time to be putting energy into the site.

  5. evolution is boring, up the revolution

  6. "It is terrifying to think how much research is needed to determine the truth of even the most unimportant fact" Stendhal, 1783-1842

  7. Like the underdog, woof woof

  8. YES netflix has Robocop!!!!!

  9. so after a year with st mirren then a year in korea (by mistake), austria and italy I am now managing Real Madrid this addiction issue is bad

  10. ok off to the Easter Showcase , Last Summer Effect will on form and on stage at 730

  11. maybe fifa has the answer?

  12. Frank Finlayson Brian McIntosh Mark Dubanowski my 7pm apt has been moved til tomorrow so i can go out earlier

  13. Beer time tomorrow 830 at spoons tomorrow. These nights are now stuff of legend, good banter, few beers and well blue sky thinking

  14. ok i am trying to study please ignore me

  15. i want to watch a film with snow in it

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