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  1. 50 minutes ago, JGP said:

    Still absolutely nothing! I'm getting antsy...


    Edit: just checked. No email but there has been an update online! I guess I'll expect them Monday then.

    Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 20.24.21.png

    Mine exactly the same- hope Monday brings us news!

  2. My 6th Glastonbury- at present thinking it's my last. Think smaller festivals the way to go- BT was brilliant this year. Will need to think about it over the next few weeks- it added to the general flat mood that "this could be the last time I'm here". Hope you are all safe.

  3. Hi. Apparently I've been observing since 2013- this is my 6th Glastonbury- started going while the children were still young enough to want to be seen with us- now they go with friends but meet up when the tent gets robbed or need feeding. First year in the comfort of a motor home in cv east- getting old has its advantages. And yes love the Twix story every time it appears!

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